Monday, November 5, 2007

Oprah's Fancy Blacks-Only School

I'm not going to join the chorus of rejoicing over the fact that her school in South Africa has been hit by afrocosis so soon into its history. We know that money spent on trying to help the blacks help themselves is simply money thrown away and sooner or later something like this would happen anyway.

The only observation I would make from this morning's news coverage (apart from the overwhelmingly HUGE ASS sported by Ms. Winfrey) is that every single one of the children at her 'Girls' Leadership Academy' are black. Not a white face among them! And in the 'Rainbow Nation' too! Just imagine the outcry from the Liberal jewsmedia were the genetic color of the pupils reversed and there wasn't a single BLACK face. But hey, it's obviously OK for Negroes to be be racist.

Anyway, the school's reputation has already been irreparably sullied by TNB before its even been up and running for a year. In any event, what use is it to train black women in 'Leadership' – even in a basket case continent like Africa? What use are they going to be to anyone? I'm afraid Winfrey is just another black supremacist racist on a hiding to nothing with just another doomed African project.

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