Monday, November 5, 2007

Condoleeza Rice and Global Warming

Rice should be up for an international award as the World's Most Pointless Person. Have you noticed how she's constantly jetting around the world trying to broker deals with international leaders, yet returning home - every time - empty handed? The woman is a testament to the futility of Affirmative Action.

How much money are we wasting in valuable tax-dollars on this worthless waste-of-space? Phaedrus suspects the only people happy with her track record in international peace-making are the warmongering Jews of Israel and their agents in Washington. Once again today she's crowing about a peace deal between the Israelis and Palestine. Don't hold your breath for all the fine words to ever become reality, though.

Rice's chief monument looks set to be a sky strafed with aircraft trails, thousands of tons of pointlessly-burned carbon monoxide and a resulting 3 degree rise in global temperatures. She must surely be the world's most well-traveled oxygen thief and if the truth be known, is probably receiving kickbacks from some big, Jewish owned air-conditioning manufacturer for her trouble.