Monday, November 5, 2007

Racial Equality?

Let's face it: there is no such thing. No amount of Jews telling Liberal legislators to turn this flawed concept into law will ever make it a reality. The fact of the matter is that Dr. Watson was right. We all know it in our hearts: blacks are indeed less intelligent and less civilized than whites. Not only that, but when the black is imported from its country of origin into Europe or America, it cannot come to terms with the seismic cultural shift it must undergo.

And it's not only blacks. The same thing happens with Hispanics, too. They head for temperate climates in search of bigger bucks and a better life, but it seldom works out, because they can't handle the sharp cultural adjustment. Scientific research - though controversial and all too often suppressed for reasons of political correctness - proves this to be unquestionably the case.

Negroes and Hispanics head north at the behest of the Jew and the Liberal and attempt to assimilate with the European races, but it's totally beyond their ability. They are driven into utter confusion by the Jews' mantra that everyone's equal and we're all the same under the skin. This is a crock, of course, but the immigrant buys into it. It is in being unable to live up to this ideal that wider and more deadly damage is done.

The research shows that immigrants to the US and Europe from Africa and Mexico simply can't shape up. They develop abnormally high levels of psychotic illness when compared with their less ambitious peers who remain back home. Unfortunately, when a person suffers from a psychotic illness (such as schizophrenia, for example) it's not just the sufferer who suffers.

Every year in the US and Europe, untold numbers of white folks are murdered by Negroes and Hispanics who have, as a result of being 'imported', become mentally unstable and violent. The reasons behind these killings are seldom explained or explored, for anyone unwise enough to risk doing so is liable to face accusations of 'racism' and have their careers prematurely terminated. The Truth has been subordinated in the interests of the New World Order.

However much the Liberals and the Jews would like to cover up the ugly truth, the fact is that in importing peoples from more primitive cultures into advanced ones and telling them they're every bit as good as anyone else, we have created large numbers of very confused, disturbed and potentially violent individuals. The fault for this awful state of affairs does not lie with the immigrants, however. They have been duped along with everyone else who was similarly taken in.

How can these people possibly know any better? They are constantly assured by seemingly eminent people that they are every bit as worthy and capable as those of European decent and can be equally successful if only given a chance. They are then enticed to enter the destination country and quickly discover they are unaccountably deficient and totally unable to compete. The real blame for this sorry state of affairs lies with those who've deceived them and drawn them in to a Big Lie.

One day, God willing, we'll expose these malicious LIARS - the Jews and their Lunatic Liberal cohorts - to full public scrutiny and make them PAY for the evils they've perpetrated against our society and indigenous people.