Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Meredith Kercher - an unspeakably ugly black-on-white sex murder

But who ever heard of a white-on-black sex murder??

If anyone with any sense needed any FURTHER proof to accept that no good EVER comes from white women fraternizing with Negroes, then this case has surely got to be it. You can't warn your kids often enough, given the saturation media coverage the Jews give to portray Negroes as "maybe-dangerous-yet-relatively-harmless" and "cool."

If you're a white parent of a white child, then you have to drum this message into them over and over and over again, if only to counteract the poisonous messages coming from the jewsmedia. Tell them they can rebel against you in other less dangerous yet still shocking ways than being murdered; because fraternizing with Negroes is highly likely to end in an horrific death.

The Italian police criminalistics department state that it took British student, Meredith Kercher, age 20, over two hours to die after having her throat slit by an illegal immigrant; a sex-mad black rapist whose clumsy sexual overtures she quite rightly rejected. Had she avoided contact with the white whore room-mate who enjoyed fucking niggers, however, she'd be here today and her family would not be so utterly devastated.

If this rather obvious message has fallen on the deaf ears of the politically-correct among us, then there's nothing more Phaedrus can say other than this: worry for yourself and your family no more because Darwinism will ensure you and your offspring end up where you belong. Smart genes always win through in the end. All you need to do is nothing; just continue let your kids watch Fox, MTV, TRL and the rest.