Friday, November 23, 2007

Yet Another Black Hate Killing in London!

This is not really topical for this blog as regular readers will know, but Phaedrus has recently been made aware of the disproportionate numbers of black-on-white killings that now take place as a consequence of becoming better informed on such matters thanks to our brothers-in-keyboards, at the PC-Apostate and their affiliates. But regulars please be patient! For there IS (as always) a Jew somewhere in the niggers' woodpile that will be, in due course, exposed...

Anyway, let's cut to the chase and report the Truth (which Phaedrus had to DIG for extensively, since it was 'curiously' buried on page122 of the UK's 'Daily Motion'....)

"A 19 year-old [white, ethnically-English guy] by the name of Ian Page has had his short life abruptly ended by the actions of [three black savages,] who kicked him to death because they believed he didn't accord them the 'rezpekt' they felt they deserved.
"The three [all negroes,] Lloyd Henry, 20, Jermaine Yateman, 19, and Andre Campbell, 24 were all convicted of murder at London's famous criminal courthouse, the 'Old Bailey'. The vicious killing, which took place nearly a year ago arose out of a simple, unintended slight. Mr. Page accidentally brushed against one of his killers as he passed them in the city's Edgeware Road. This innocent mishap - in the killers' minds - warranted Death."

Though one might at first sight see no culpability on the part of the Jew here, further examination of the case makes it obvious that culpability there certainly IS. It is via the Jews' ever-present and all-encompassing media outlets that the negro has been instilled with the notion that 'respekt' is somehow his right - and that anyone who fails to show him same is deserving of instant, summary and bloody justice. This is a deadly fantasy that the Jews have made reality today thanks to their influence over the movie industry.

When the Jew uses his omnipresent media apparatus to disseminate the propaganda that the Negro is somehow... "not to be fucked with" it instills in the Negro mind a kind of false pride he feels he must live up to – and all too frequently with deadly consequences.

When crimes like this happen, it isn't only the Negro that merits the noose, it's the JEW that gave him ideas WAY above his station and thereby encouraged such insane retaliation in the first place. World Jewry is the Chess-master and it has made the rest of us; black, white, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, agnostic and atheist, its pawns. There will never be a peaceful and logical order of things until the machinations of the Jew are removed from public affairs, around the world, for all time.

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