Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Farewell and God Bless Ian Smith

Only older people may be completely familiar with Ian Smith, who has now sadly passed away at the age of 88 in an old folks' home in South Africa. He was a fearless, white maverick and former prime minister of that once-great country latterly known as Zimbabwe, but formerly known, in its TRULY great days as RHODESIA.

This will be a necessarily short eulogy, but it in no way diminishes Smith's immense, galvanizing contribution to the Dark Continent - a dismal, barbaric land to which he brought fabulous guidance with his brilliant leadership and conservative, northern European methodology and values.

Black and white alike, everyone with any intelligence, loved Ian Smith. This consummate statesman declared unilateral Independence from Britain in 1965 because he could see the direction that Britain under its successive, left-leaning, leaderships was heading towards, and wanted no part of that insidious 'One World' infection spreading into the developed regions of Africa.

Smith was a man of the people. His vision of Independence may have only lasted 14 short years, and been replaced by a terminal case of Afrocosis, now in its terminal phase under Robert Mugabe, but his intellectual legacy survives to this day and beyond and remains an outstanding inspiration to political theorists the world over.

Anyone could simply 'drop-in' on Ian in his retirement. After he stepped down as prime minister in 1979, he retired to his modest ranch with no personal security whatsoever (neither necessary nor desired in the early days) and was happy to welcome black and white passers-by alike into his home and offer them a cup of tea and a slice of cake. The ONLY criterion was that visitors had to be CIVILIZED and intelligent. If these two simple requirements were met, then Ian's humble home was open to anyone of any race - and for as long as he lived there, it always was.

Only many years later, during the latter stages of Afrocosis, was Ian forced to leave his beloved homeland. It must have been terrible for him to see his once-beautiful country ground into irrecoverable mush from what it had previously been under his enlightened and totally self-sacrificing stewardship. He never made a single illicit Zim dollar from his premiership, unlike Mugabe, who has become one of the wealthiest primates in all Africa.

Ian Smith, you were a great leader and a fantastic human being. Sadly the Negroes and Communists are too stupid and/or mean to acknowledge it. You brought unprecedented peace and prosperity to ALL your people during your tenure as leader of this one-time Shangri-La. Sadly, since your departure, the 'Breadbasket of Africa' has become the 'Basket-case of Africa' and only the Communists and their Jewish cronies are the winners - and they are continuing to blame YOU and the British government for their own failings 28 years later! Fortunately, some of us know better and are determined to scream the truth from the rooftops. You were a white man who made an African country great. Then an African took over and look at the result! These are immensely valuable lessons that must not go unlearned!

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