Monday, May 19, 2008

These Parasites MUST go!

Trying to figure out a way in which this perpetual enigma (the Jewish Problem) can best be solved takes away far too many good, productive work hours from Phaedrus, but the whole, dreadful situation is such a HUGE burden for the world to bear that personal considerations simply have to be subordinated to it. Everything else folks worry about day-to-day seem utterly insignificant by comparison with the Jewish chimera.

Quite clearly, the most overarchingly urgent matter to tackle in order to create a more peaceful world is the hideous, pointless and unendingly drawn-out Middle East conflict. The situation in Palestine simply CANNOT be permitted to continue any longer. It must be admitted that the attempted establishment of a Jewish state 60 years ago was a DISASTROUS mistake that has had CATASTROPHIC consequences for the entire region as a whole, and continues to do so with the specter of a US war against Iran edging ever closer.

I believe that Patrick Grimm (Patrick is probably THE most lucid observer and commentator on the Jewish Problem today - see my link to Zionistwatch) has proposed that Zionism be declared a terrorist movement, membership of which would become a serious felony. That is an idea that is so strikingly simple and unquestionably right that it is a measure of the brainwashing that we are continually subject to that no one has, to my knowledge at least, heretofore proposed it. Full marks therefore to Patrick - a free-thinker par excellence!

Once one accepts that Zionism is terrorism (and terrorism it most assuredly IS - and of the most vicious and unremitting kind) it naturally follows that the entity commonly referred to as "Israel" must be disestablished FORTHWITH as a matter of the utmost urgency. This weeping, cancerous ulcer on the face of Palestine must be totally excised immediately in the manner of the tumor that it is. The Arab people's long nightmare existence under their Jewish torturers, slave-masters and murders MUST be ended with IMMEDIATE EFFECT IN THE NAME OF HUMANITY.

So let us forget about yet more worthless, pointless "peace talks" in the region - they NEVER amount to ANYTHING, owing to Israel's calculated, implacable intransigence. The time for talking is long past. The time for kicking ass has now begun. Palestine must be restored to the Palestinian people - its rightful historical occupiers. All Jews must be expelled for this new plan to work. Likewise, Jews around the world in countries like the US, Britain, Germany, Hungary and France must also leave their adopted hosts, for they all carry the seed of Satan wherever they may have settled.

Once again, then, the great unwanted self-Chosen People will be on the march, just as they have at various times throughout all recorded history. But where to next, precisely? Phaedrus believes there is after all a perfect destination: central Australia. The Jews seem to feel totally at home in the desert (reptilian blood, one imagines as a possible reason for this) and there's plenty of that in Australia - desert, that is. The only problem is that the desert of central Australia already has indigenous occupiers: the ancient and honorable aboriginal people.

Now it cannot be right to force Australia's indigenous dwellers to accept a race of foreigners that no other country in the world wants to live along side of. I don't suppose the Aboriginals enjoy having urine and feces thrown over them, or their children being shot and killed, any more than the folks in Palestine have over these past 60 years. So there would have to be enforced separation for the protection of the unwilling hosts until the Jewish race died out completely.

Why the term "died out" you may ask? Well, that's another key plank of the permanent solution under discussion here. It will be necessary for the Jews to undergo compulsory steralization as part of this deal, so that future generations of gentiles will never again have to suffer their predations. For the first time in their long and sickening history, it will be an opportunity for the Jews to offer back to the rest of us something of enormous value: their wholesale extinction. But until that joyous day approaches, we should attempt to provide the Jews with a reasonably decent standard of living as part of this deal - for OUR interests as much as theirs.

Now all this is going to cost money. But refreshingly, dear reader, on this occasion for once, not OUR money! Jewish property around the world will be liquidated to form a giant pool of cash which I have termed the Central Compensation Fund (or CCF for short). It's an unwanted complication, but we can't just have the Jews strolling off to their new lives under the Australian sun without addressing the little question of reparations for all the unforgivable abominations they have wrought in Palestine and Europe and the US. That such a fund should be set up to compensate the 'Victims of Judaism' - of whom there are very many around the world - is only right and proper.

So here's how we at World Peace envisage members of the Tribe of Satan ending their days. They will have to abide by certain strict conditions or face having their legal protection removed so they become no better protected from the hunter's rifle than backyard varmints whom anyone may pick-off with any available weapon with guaranteed immunity from prosecution. Picture shooting fish in a barrel if you will.

These conditions will comprise, inter-alia:

The blanket steralization of all Jewish women and female children. This will be carried out under strict, surgical conditions by qualified and approved gentile surgeons with anesthetic, antiseptic, dressings and so forth in a sterile, clinical environment just as you I would expect it if we underwent such a procedure ourselves.

Liquidation of all traceable assets held by Jews and the establishment of the Central Compensation Fund from which families around the world who have lost loved ones in conflicts or suffered financial loss at the hands of crooked Jewish investment firms or lawyers may obtain some measure of compensation for their grievous losses.

Co-operation in testifying against perfidious gentiles (like Bush and Blair) who facilitated the takeover of the US, the Middle East and Europe by Zionist entities. Extra privileges in exile may be granted to Jews who name names and identify enemies within the Peoples of European Heritage, provided they explain exactly how this subversion was carried out.

Apartheid separation. The Jews who are fortunate enough to find themselves en route to Australia will not at any time be permitted to fraternize with the indigenous people of that great continent. There will be erected, at considerable cost (to the Jews) a 666ft. high boundary wall around the territory upon which they will be permitted to live out their last years on earth as a race.

In recognition of the fact that the Jews are only evil in so much as their DNA and Talmudic influences make them, it shall be recognized by the guards of this desert Citadel that the prisoners are not there AS punishment or to BE punished, but simply for containment and they should be treated with a higher standard of care than said Jews themselves meted out to the children of Palestine in their wanton and unremitting butchery of that land and its rightful inhabitants over the course of the last 60 years.

This walled Jewish reservation shall be constructed in such a way that communication with the outside world is impossible. It will be STRICTLY FORBIDDEN on pain of death for the detainees to attempt to contact their jailers or the indigenous people upon whose land they will be squatting. The Jews will be provided with medical equipment to deal with their own urgent or routine problems without the need for recourse to outside intervention.

The overall size of this "New Israel" shall be a perfect circle of 666 square miles in area and the Jews shall pay to the Aboriginal people a rent of US$6bn per annum for the privilege to live there for as long as their (the Jews) tenure of the land lasts (i.e: until the last Jew is dead and the resulting 30 days of world-wide celebration have ended).

The Jews will hold the land in peace during their tenure of it and keep themselves orderly and not engage in debauchery. A spy satellite will be positioned in orbit over the reservation to ensure that no unspeakable evils are perpetrated within it. In particular, the practice of sacrificing children to Molech will be TOTALLY FORBIDDEN. Any ritualistic abuse of children detected from space will result in the triggering of the 'Armageddon Clause' - see below.

The reservation of Jewish society within this Citadel will be enabled to function as a fully-operational micro-society (albeit with no links of any kind, in either direction, to the outside world) for as long as the Jews within it maintain the appearance of a civil order among themselves - until the last Jew therein contained has dropped dead. Supplies will be flown in every few days by air and landed by parachute so no contact between the parties is ever required.

Armageddon: in the event that local indigenous people and/or the reservation's security workers suffer acute or chronic unexplained illness for which scientific testing can provide no answer, or alternatively a suggestion of foul-play, and such sickness continues to the extent that a proportion of the local populus (including Aboriginals and/or guardians) become too sick to work or even die, then the Armageddon Clause shall become operative.

The Armageddon Clause is a final, last-ditch move to implement a sweeping, wholesale destruction of the remaining members of the Jewish race where it is justifiably feared that the Tribe has yet again snubbed any final chance of redemption and thrown it back in their keepers' faces. In all probability, such a scenario would only arise if the Jews had reverted to their vile, time-honored practice of poisoning the wells of their desert neighbors, rendering the drinking water fatally contaminated with noxious chemicals.

In the event of such an equivalent occurrence under the new containment program, it would become necessary to invoke ultimate lethal force and exterminate all remaining members of the Tribe instantly. Ironically, the only suitable means to do this was itself developed by a Jew: Edward Teller. Teller was the 'father of the hydrogen bomb.' In the event that the Jews are stupid enough to start reverting to their old Biblical practices to destroy their neighbors, the only appropriate response would be to drop a 50 Megaton nuke slap bang in the center of the reservation.

If you're a new student of the Jewish Problem, you may well believe the author of this article is some kind of crazed nut. That is entirely understandable and it is a phase we all progress through on the road to full enlightenment. The fact remains that the Jews are the most uniquely evil and dangerous entities on earth. Without them, the vast majority of the wars we see going on around us would not only be over, but never would have started in the first place. Gentle reader, the Jew is evil beyond your wildest imagination. As yet you know not a fraction of it! Keep researching and you will continue to learn. Don't just take one single blogger's word for it. Dig deeper elsewhere on the internet and find out the ugly truth for yourself...


Anonymous said...

Phaedrus, that's a damn fine plan! Yesterday will not be soon enough to implement this heavenly plan. Parasites!? These heathens are lower than parasites. They are evil incarnate.

Anonymous said...

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