Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One World Government: a Recipe for Endless War

Only a first degree neophyte to the 'conspiracy world' that bloggers like Phaedrus and others inhabit would today remain skeptical over the claim that the driving force behind most governments around the world is Unionization in whatever form. The steady co-alaising of country to country, trading bloc to trading bloc, region to region, hemisphere to hemisphere, and finally the ultimate goal: Global Unity - a stateless planet with only one border: that around Israel where the Self-Chosen People will live out their sun-drenched days in glorious, idle splendor at everyone else's expense, just as their holy book foretells. Oh, by the way, if you ARE a neophyte of any degree, we´re referring here to the Jewish people!

If you think these words fanciful and far-fetched, then you really haven't been paying attention to what is going on in America, Europe and the Far East lately. That's understandable, because an awful lot of folks get hooked into watching garbage TV shows that are put there just to keep them distracted, so they haven't a free moment to think for themselves. It's scarily effective, too. All the time we're watching some godawful, gut-wrenching crap like 'Friends' or 'Seinfeld' we don't have our eyes on the ball - and that's exactly what the Power Elite want. They much prefer their manipulations go on unobserved, and when we're watching their TV, that's exactly what's happening; we're blind to their designs against us.

Returning to the theme of this article, you may wonder what the problem is with a United World? "Wouldn't that mean an end to all wars and peace ever after?" I hear some of you ask. I am of course addressing innocent little young Liberals who've been brainwashed by the mainstream jewsmedia here, not my die-hard buddies like Grimm, Maynard, the West, Bacon, Kenny, Whiteman and others who live in the REAL world. Sure, World Peace is a great concept worth striving for (hence the name of this blog!) But will world peace ever be realized under a single, unitary world government? I most passionately believe it WILL NOT and the proof for this assertion is irrefutable. A borderless planet will only make matters FAR WORSE than they already are and I'll tell you why if you bear with me a little longer...

There is a saying in the West that "good fences make for good neighbors" and no 'country' but Israel knows this truism better. Israel is a law unto itself and practices apartheid against its Arab hosts like no other 'nation' is allowed to get away with. Within Israel, the practice of "marrying out" - that is a Jew marrying a non-Jew - is regarded by many as an 'individual holocaust' - a singular tragedy which weakens the entire Jewish race. This is a very curious attitude indeed coming from the very same entities that preach to us from their media soap boxes every day about the evils of homophobia, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and hate-crime, and the virtues of tolerance; the acceptace of perversion and all the other artificial bullshit constructs they've devised to engender an unwarranted sense of guilt, self-loathing and subordination in us.

But I digress. After all, unlike the Jew, I'm only human. All too human (to quote Nietzsche, in fact). So let's return to the subject of this essay. How will a borderless world lead to world peace?? Of course by now you will have reasoned out that from my standpoint, it won't! Not a chance. Not a snowball's chance in hell will it. But a lot of innocent, well-meaning types have been caught up in the drive towards it. They don't know that they're aiding and abetting the Jews in their quest for endless war, misery, starvation and bloodshed. How could they possibly know? Because these truths NEVER wind up on the mainstream newsmedia (because it's 96% Jew-owned and/or controlled).

The reason multiculturalism doesn't work is because folks have VERY LONG memories and are connected by blood ties which go back for very many centuries. For absolute proof, one need look no further than what happened in the former Yugoslavia. The Russians - who were at that time hell-bent on the unification of all peoples via the absorbtion of disparate races in the false belief that ethnically-different peoples of that part of the world would assimilate and live together in peace and harmony. The problem was that it could never, in reality, happen. NWO apparachicks have this crazy belief that all the people of the world are the same under the skin and can get along just fine together - and this is a terrible falsehood that the Jews - who know better and maintain their 'high fences' philosophy above all else - are happy to foster for their own nefarious purposes.

This headlong rush toward One World Government that we are being decieved into accepting only ever benefits Big Financiers and the Big Business interests they're in bed with. It sells out the interests of the ordinary yet exceptional people that made this once-great country truly great and it ushers in a new breed of super predator that is intent on reducing every individual around the world to the lowest common denominator. The NWO brigade tell us that "borders are only lines on a map" and that's why "pencils have erasers" and they're hell bent on wiping frontiers out world-wide. How is THAT kind of attitude going to provoke anything but endless war? Serbia´s history of nationalism harks back to the 14th century and they are far from unique in having such long and fond memories of their glorious past. Pride in one´s race and cultural history isn´t something that´s simply going to die out after a few generations, no matter how much the loony Liberals wish it.

Many folks from vastly different cultural backgrounds simply CANNOT live together in peace, as has been proven by the experience of Yugoslavia and elsewhere around the globe. But perhaps that's what the Jews want, after all. It seems from the Old Testament that their god does have an curious liking for the smell of burning flesh and there's no better way to ensure a steady supply of the stuff than by making the entire globe a single, borderless superstate with vastly disparate persons dwelling cheek-by-jowl therein. But don't worry over the future of the Jews, dear reader! They will still keep their bloodline pure. Inter-racial breeding is strictly for the goyim. There will always be a border around Israel, albeit a much enlarged one compared to today´s. The seat of World Government must be a secure one and unlike what will by then be Everywhere Else, we can´t have just anyone wandering into Israel whenever they please!


Greg Bacon said...

One World Government would be a disaster for the US, as we would completely give up, one way or the other, our sovereignty.

Try contacting your Congressional rep now and see how much luck you have getting them to reply sensibly, if they have the time and aren't at an AIPAC meeting or seminar or gathering.

Now, try and imagine contacting your rep at some remote place like Vienna or Tel Aviv for help.

Since we won't give up our sovereignty easily, we'll be forced to when the economy collapses due to financial mismanaement by the private bankers of the Federal Reserve.

Which is nearly 80% owned and controlled by people of Jewish heritage.

Think this mortgage backed securities was just an Ooopsie?

Think again.

That scam was well planned out by the private bankers of the Federal Reserve, who will be using the money THEY print to gobble up US assets for pennies on the dollar, further weakening our government.

When the dollar is worth less than a penny, these same con artists will sell us on the idea of switching to a new currency and BTW, bring in all of your gold, silver and jewelry to help convert your worthless dollars into something like the Amero.

And while we're at it, also bring your guns, since violence is getting out of hand and you don't want to be on one of our detainee lists, now, do you?

This NWO is nothing more than BS to consolidate control of the world into the hands of the few.

Eventuwlly, people in this country will be living like the serfs of the Dark Ages.

And the Canaanites of old will be rolling in the dough and practicing their age old idolatry of MAMMON.

Phaedrus: Exploring the Machinations of World Jewry... said...

The financial Collapse as we shall see it hasn't started yet, but it's going exactly to plan. Next up: the Inflationary Stage.

USpace said...

There is no good reason for a one world government, and certainly the Jews don't want that. Giving away their sovereign right of self-defense against the Jew-Hating Muslims surrounding them and outnumbering them probably about 15 to 1.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
ONE world government

on the way to Star Trek

Help Halt Terrorism Now!



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