Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Re-branding the Black Folks

Those of us who do NOT have our faces pressed up hard against a TV screen to watch the emetic 'American Idol' finals and similar such drivel that the mainstream jewsmedia inflicts upon us on an all-too-frequent basis may have noticed a tendency among the apparatchiks who control our lives to periodically re-brand various assorted wasters with a sympathetic image makeover.

Consider early general terminology for black people. I recall a very old cartoon strip from the late 1880s entitled: "The Adventures of Sambo - the Little Nigger Boy." Now, at the time this strip was published, no one took offense at it; not even Negroes (among whom it was in fact quite popular). It was an affectionate rendering of the life experiences of one little black kid growing up in the southern states of America.

Phaedrus happened upon a few scans of this cartoon strip that had been posted to a web site, and its appearance there prompted some thinking about the way in which STUFF is periodically revised and re-branded and why such re-branding is felt to be necessary in the first place.

Races are in many ways very much like well-known brands. Some have more marketability (and consequently value) than others. I believe it is the marketing industry that can help us understand this periodic re-branding of Negroes in the national consciousness.

Cast your mind back several decades. By what general description were Negroes known back then? It all depends on your age and which period is under discussion, of course. Go back farthest and you will typically encounter the use of the term "Nigger." Now, during the period this word was most commonly in use, it was NOT generally regarded as a term of outright abuse, but rather casual derision at worst.

Fast forward some years later and the word "Nigger" that so many people now regard as unacceptable had been replaced by "Negro" - which for very many years (like in the 1950s and 1960s) was regarded as a perfectly reasonable term to apply to black folks. Some years later still, and the revised term became "colored" - and it then became taboo to continue to refer to black people as 'Negroes.'

"Coloreds" enjoyed a pretty good run, but eventually that term likewise became regarded as outdated and taboo. Those who define what we may or may not say then coined the term "blacks" which has had its run and likewise now nears expiry in favor of the latest permissible variation: "African-American."

You may be forgiven for wondering why all this periodic re-branding of a race is really necessary? What is the point of it all and what does it achieve? Well, dear reader, it's all about connotations. Political Correctness is a doctrine that holds to the belief that you can make a turd smell better by calling it something nicer. You may have noticed with, for example, the term "Gay" - which recently has come to mean "dreadful" or "rubbish" - and is consequently severely in need of a makeover!

Allow me to explain: Africans are essentially feral peoples with no moral framework within which to constrain their wilder impulses. Consequently, they simply go out and satisfy their fundamental urges to rape, kill, murder and rob with no moral compass to curb their worst excesses. Naturally, folks who go around exhibiting such behaviour quickly acquire a reputation for themselves which then reflects badly upon the community as a whole from which they come.

Once rape, drug-dealing, murder and robbery become synonymous with a certain ethnic grouping; said grouping becomes tainted and quite properly ostricised. No decent people want anything to do with them for perfectly proper reasons - like self-preservation for one. So what do the Liberal 'progressive thinkers' come up with? A facelift for the grouping in question; a re-branding, in fact. No longer will Niggers be called Niggers; they'll be called Negroes instead. That way the stigma of bestiality will no longer attach to them in general. That's the theory, anyway.

For younger people who know no better, this plan turns out to be surprisingly effective. Races, for deeply-rooted cultural and biological reasons, basically never change. Blacks by whatever name continue to behave like jungle animals, but with the benefit of Liberal re-branding in the media, they get something of an 'image makeover' every few years. The conduct with which their former tag had become associated dies a death, because there is no longer a grouping that one is permitted to apply it to. Said group is now termed something else. The world has moved on.

All through the last 70 years or so, the busybody Liberal labelers have been periodically re-inventing various people's images. When decent folk continue to refer to these savages by their former, more accurate descriptions, they are accused of being retrogressive racists and bigoted reactionaries as opposed to what they really are - honest folks who simply refuse to go along with this mass deception and are resolved to continue to call a 'spade' a 'spade' so the onus falls to the blacks THEMSELVES to address their behavior and clean up their image - and not on US to attempt to do it FOR THEM.

So, to sum-up: 'Niggers' acquired a bad name for their bestial behavior. The political solution was to call them 'Negroes' instead; a fresh start on a clean sheet for the same undeserving people. Inevitably, continued bad behavior eventually became associated with the new term 'Negroes', so the answer was another makeover. 'Negroes' were henceforward to be referred to as 'Coloreds' and everything would be fine again - for a while at least.

Inevitably, the term 'Coloreds' eventually became associated with drugs, rape, one-parent families, poverty, ignorance and AIDS so those wacky Liberals then re-branded them as 'blacks' and gave them yet another fresh start. Kindly note that in all these various image makeovers, only the NAMES change. The behavior of the ethnic African remains the one constant factor. Yet WE are EXPECTED to fall in line with this phony nomenclature, lest we be branded as 'racists' and 'bigots'!

2008: up to date once again! Now we're undergoing yet another transition where 'blacks' have acquired such a fearful reputation for murderous brutality that the powers that be are foisting on us the term 'African-Americans' to describe them. So here's yet ANOTHER fresh start for the folks who never seem to be able to settle into civilized, western society. This is why Phaedrus never bought in to the name-change game and will continue to refer to these people by the universally-accepted late '60s term, Negro - which is simply means 'black' in Latin.

One last thought: how many times throughout history has it been necessary for WHITE PEOPLE to avail themselves of this ruse? None! No surprise there, then. Ok, we have our asswipes, too. The likes of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Madonna don't exactly show us in a good light. But these are exceptions and are thankfully swamped by the vast majority of decent, hard-working and moral white folks. The same cannot truthfully be said of the 'black community.'

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This is a great piece you have written here. Thank you very much.