Monday, May 12, 2008

How they´ll sucker us into a North American Union

I'm sure the agents behind the Jewish Agenda don't need any suggestions from a humble goy like Phaedrus to help them turn Americans on to the concept of the North American Union, so here's a guide for the rest of us (the plebs, the proles, the sheeple) as to how we can expect them to try to sell us on the idea. In order to do this, they'll have to contrive a macro-scale scenario in which such a move appears to be clearly and unquestionably the only sensible option open.

So It will be consequently necessary to provide some powerful impetus for economic, monetary and political union between Mexico, the US and Canada. This is being strategically engineered even as I write, by collapsing the value of the US dollar. First we had a methodically-engineered era of all-too-cheap credit. This was followed by the inevitable house-price boom and consequent bust. Then the resulting credit crunch. Phase 1 thereby completed successfully. Full marks to the banksters.

Next, something had to be done about the dire liquidity shortage in the markets and of course - ensuring that the banking system didn't fail no matter what the cost to the American people might be. Massive reflationary measures were undertaken: massive cuts in interest rates, huge public spending announcements and bank-bailouts financed by printing more dollars - and a tax hand-back on top! Note this is all at a time when commodity prices around the world have been soaring - and therein lies the smoking gun of economic sabotage for all to see: vigorous reflation whilst prices are ALREADY rising is economic madness of a scale we have never seen before.

Now 'they' are telling us the worst is over! Unfortunately it isn't, however - and 'they' know it! We now commence the super-inflationary stage, dear friends. Inflation is caused by 'too much money chasing too few goods' according to the classic definition. It boils down to paper money becoming worth less and losing its spending power as a consequence of too much of it being in circulation. In essence, the amount of food, clothing, fuel etc., which we can buy with our bucks grows less and less. As this process continues, the value of the US Dollar will increasingly approach that of the Peso.

Now it's important to know that the Dollar and the Peso needn't reach a 1:1 parity for a currency union to work. This is a popular misconception. When corporation A merges with corporation X of equal capital valuation, it is highly likely that their valuations will APPEAR totally different at first sight due to their respective share prices. The cover price is illusory and only gives an idea of the corporation's underlying value when multiplied by the number of shares in circulation and debt is then subtracted from the resulting product.

We could see the Peso declared suitable to merge with the Canadian and US dollars at 1:5, 1:10, or 1:1000 WE simply have no way of knowing what the TRUE value of the Peso actually IS, any more than we know what the greenback is really worth. Thank God we have super-smart Jewish bankers to do the sums for us or we'd be completely lost! Without them out there, batting for us, such a MASSIVE merger between three large countries could cost us all TRILLIONS!

On the other hand, considering what happened with Europe's single currency, precise valuation might not be so critical at all. Europe's leaders abandoned TRUE economic and monetary convergence in the interests of political expediency. The pressure 'from above' for a political Union in Europe was so intense that the economies involved in the project were not properly harmonized. This singular failure provides proof positive that the whole business of political union has NOTHING to do with economic prosperity for the people, but rather EVERYTHING to do with TOTAL CONTROL of more and more of the world's territory.

So how will they pitch the idea to us? It doesn't take much imagination to figure out. It´ll be a combination of fear and inducement - but overwhelmingly FEAR. For a bit of humor, here's a quirky look at how Bush or his successor might go about it:

"My fellow north Armenians,

"The recent economic turmoil and our embarrassing, abject failure to ride it out as we were once able to do before I took office, constitute a harsh wake-up call to us all that we can no longer survive as independent nations any longer in a world increasingly dominated by vast trading blocks like the EU, the AU, ASEAN and those slit-eyed yellow bastards in China and Taiwan.

"This world moves fast and we are being increasingly left behind due to our inherently insular nature; marginalized in fact, by international events. All around the planet, smaller nations are forging pacts with one another and by so doing, are enjoying an increasingly dominant position in world markets and along with that, enhanced clout politically, too. Ladies and Gennulm'n! We on this continent are losing our voice in this world and there's only one way to regain it!

"We simply MUST remain competitive or die. If we do not take similar steps here in our part of the world; if we do not immediately form a similar Union here in north America between the US, Canada and Mexico to defend our industries and our jobs and our standard of living, we stand to slip to 3rd world status in terms of economic power in as little as 20 years from now. Yes, my friends, the situation really is that grave.

"I plead with you to share my vision of a North American Union: a place in which jobs, prosperity and a golden future for EVERYONE will replace the old chaos, decline and decay of the past 20 years for which Bill Clinton and my dad can justifiably be blamed! By mutually embracing our three, great, not-so-very-different cultures, we can assert our position as top dog in the world! No longer will our elderly have to dissipate their life savings just in staying alive! Everything will be cheaper! Wages will be higher!

"No longer will you have to queue to see a doctor - and worse yet, pay good money to see him/her! No longer will our black folks have to suffer the indignity of trying to pay for liquor, lottery tickets and cigarettes at gas stations with food stamps! The highest quality public schooling for ALL - and NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND TO LOOK STUPID even if it means keeping the rest in school for 40 years! As a strong, forward-looking Union of ONE people, we WILL be able to afford these programs! Ladies and Gennulm'n, I urge you from the bottom of my heart to vote YES to Proposition 666 and set in motion the steps needed to begin formalizing the NAU as a matter of the very greatest urgency!"

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Greg Bacon said...

One day, and it might not be that far off, people will be using dollar bills to wipe their asses, as the cost to buy actual toilet paper will be too high.

Americans clamoring for the feds to release the gold in Ft. Knox will be surprised to find out that the gold was taken years ago and given to the private bankers of the federal reserve, to help with their "balance sheets."

Then spirited out of the country and deposited in some off shore banking haven, then taken away again to points unknown.

To help overcome the despondency and depression settling in on Americans, the Martial Law govenment will distribute, free of charge, "Kosher Meth" to all Americans, to help them feel better and to make them forget those hunger pangs in their stomachs, since they can't afford to buy food.