Monday, May 5, 2008

Jewish Debating Techniques #1

Oftentimes a lot of what we read enters the back of our minds at a subconscious level and it lies there, latent and gently percolating away until such time as an outside event prompts our conscious recollection of it. Such it was for Phaedrus with an old Patrick Grimm essay entitled 'The Taboo as Proof' (herewith today re-published below.)Taboos are very useful for putting sensitive subjects beyond debate, as Patrick himself pointed out. The one thing the Jews fear above all else is an even-handed and totally open investigation into their long and checkered history, for the ugliness thereby revealed would be simply beyond the belief of all bar the most heavily initiated of persons. Not surprisingly, therefore, the Jews have developed a series of techniques for stifling debate on such issues and avoiding having to address these sensitive matters AT ALL. This article is about one such technique and its most eloquent exponent, the 'British Jew' Alan Coren, who not-so-sadly died last year.

Those of us who espouse views which are generally taken to be outside the current spectrum of "acceptable opinion" by the popular media will - if we are lucky enough to get a platform in the first place - often find ourselves taken to task in the presence of a Jew by a hostile interviewer who falsely purports to be impartial. Many, many years ago, such encounters were the norm and indeed unfettered, free and open debate was quite properly regarded as the only viable route to establishing the real, underlying truth. But that was some decades ago when the Jewish stranglehold over 'permissible utterances' was very much weaker. I refer of course to those increasingly distant days prior to the advent of political-correctness.

Now, if one has something dreadful to hide for which one can offer no valid excuse, it doesn't benefit one to debate one's beliefs in the media spotlight, for fear of being caught short of an appropriate response to an unwelcome or unexpected question or accusation. The Jew, uniquely, has developed the perfect technique in such awkward situations: 'the disgusted walk-out.'

This 'storm of self-righteous indignation" method offers a number of benefits for any Jewish interviewee who's been caught off-guard on a sensitive issue. Namely:

1. It lends him elevated 'moral authority' - he appears to occupy the high moral ground by virtue of storming off in feigned disgust with his nose in the air, rather than 'lowering himself' to bandy words with those of seemingly fixed opinions hostile to Judaism.

2. It avoids him having to answer any awkward questions concerning his people and their 'interesting history' (such as the Holocaust period or the genocide in Palestine) that his interlocutor might confront him about from out of the blue with hard, indisputable evidence.

3. It creates in the audience a sense of sympathy and respect for the Jew, who though clearly so grievously insulted, exercised immense dignity and self-control by simply walking out, rather than punching his opponent on the nose.

4. Most importantly of course, it enables the Jew to yet again escape scott-free without ever having to address a single allegation made against him, his race, and/or their complex and deeply troubling history.

The Jewish Grand Master of the self-righteous storm-out was a 'British' radio and TV personality by the name of Alan Coren who enjoyed a long and active career in 'journalism' and broadcasting in the US and Britain before finally settling down at the BBC in London (at the license payers' expense, of course). Coren's parents came to Britain between the two World Wars and (like so many other Jewish immigrant families) changed their original name, COHEN, to something less obviously Jewish; in this case, "Coren" - not very imaginative but it nevertheless did the trick. Anyway, Coren's specialty was storming out in self-righteous indignation the moment anyone raised any uncomfortable facts concerning the Tribe of Satan.

Coren/Cohen had it down to a very fine art and really should have been a character actor. The moment anyone ventured into any area that was REMOTELY critical of the Jews or Israel, Coren would assume a deathly grave expression, solemnly gather his papers together, tear-off his microphone and earpiece with well-practiced theatricality, and simply walk out without a word, shaking his head in disgust. Seemingly no one ever worked out that the move was simply a ruse to avoid having to address the issue raised. The Jew Cohen would subsequently enjoy sympathy heaped upon him by empathetic viewers for his noble refusal to get down and dirty with 'racists and anti-Semites.'

So, gentile reader, please remember that Jews who walk out of interviews aren't really offended at all. They simply cannot justify themselves or their kind; they have no answers that the rest of us would deem acceptable. And they KNOW it!


Greg Bacon said...

One particularly nasty bit of agitprop tried to get some legs last year, but not sure it got very far, since, thanks to the Internet, people eye's and their minds are starting to open up to just what in the hell has been taking place, much of it with their tax dollars.

The piece of classic "Anti-Semiticism" was this:

"You're anti-Israel" therefore, you're "Anti-American."

What a load of crap.

But crap, served up big and hearty, is what one should expect from the likes of the originator of this slop, Alan Dershowitz.

Am i "anti-Israeli?" Pretty much so.

I don't care for a racist and bigoted state that uses character assassination, bribes, false flags, black bag ops, threats, force and yet, more force, and real assassinations of people it doesn't like.

They'll murder an American just as easy as they'll murder a Palestinian, or Iraqi or Lebanese.

Don't believe me?

Just ask the survivors of the USS Liberty.

Israel is the proverbial schoolyard bully on steriods and this one has nuclear weapons and isn't afraid of threatening the world with incineration, through their Sampson option.

Israel has been practicing its own gruesome brand of statehood for the last 60 years.

In that time, they have repeatedly invaded their neighboring countries; started several wars or occupations of both Lebanon and Palestine, in the course, murdering hundreds of thousands of those unlucky souls, and seem hell bent on starting another war against Syria and Lebanon this Summer.

While dragging the U.S. into fighting yeat another of Israel's "existential" enemies, Iran.

All that's needed is for another MOSSAD False-Flag event, like 9/11, to kick start this next round of Israeli sanctioned brutality, with of course, American kids being on the receiving end of Israeli hospitiality by getting shot at and killed, fighting wars for Israel.

Since both Israel and that pair of deranged "Killer Clowns" Bush and Cheney, are itching to have an excuse to bomb Iran into radioactive waste, look for this Summer's MOSSAD false-flag against America to be even worse than 9/11.

That way, the Zionist owned American MSM, primed and ready for this next war, will immediately label the false-flag as Iran's fault, and Americans clamoring for revenge will give the Bush/Cheney Junta the excuse it needs to start what could turn into WW II.

But in Tel Aviv, they'll be laughing and toasting one another on how clever they've been to get American troops fighting and dying for Israel.

With that in mind, who wouldn't be "Anti-Israeli?"

Anonymous said...

They missed the golden opportunity in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. That is when they should have made their move to secure the Big Plan. I doubt we will fall so easily for another large scale false flag op 7 years on as people are now far wiser than they were as to what is going on behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

I remember Alan Coren being a big favourite of BBC Radio 4, the arch purveyor of propaganda to Britain's befuddled middle-class.

As an adolescent I was fooled into casually buying a paperback of 'witticisms' he compiled which was disappointing to say the least. I wonder if I would find it more revealling today - I have a better developed idea about jewish humour: not so much the 'self-deprecating humility' they would sometimes like us think, more a contempt for goyishe guilt and trust and an exultation of their own 'cleverness'. And plenty of po-faced gloating about their war swindles too (human sacrifice).