Tuesday, May 27, 2008

South African Negroes go Apeshit over Immigration!!!

For once African blacks actually have a good idea worthy of our copying: kick out unwanted foreigners! They have done precisely this in parts of their country and it's worked! If it's ok for the civilized Negroes of the 'Rainbow Nation' to do it, it's gotta be ok for Whitey in the West! When do we start, guys? I've seen it on TV. All you need is a machete! The immigrants soon get the message and before you know it, they've all gone home again! Why didn't WE think of this simple yet effective concept before? Way to go Bantus!

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Anonymous said...

Let me correct you on a pointer or two: This part you call "South Africa" is called "Arsezania" and secondly, we whiteys still trying to survive in this hellhole because we can't get out, do not call them "negroes" but "kaffirs" or "uncrowned beasts of the field". They are the only bipeds on this earth who don't have a crown on their heads.