Friday, May 23, 2008

The Jack-Booted Thugs of Texas (Revisited)

At least there's some semblance left of sanity in the Texas state legal system. Now that the outrageous abduction of the children of the YFZ ranch has been ruled unlawful, can we now expect a swift reunion of the shattered families? Time will tell. One thing stands out from all this though and that is Christianity is under attack from the powers that be.

Can you imagine such a raid happening to a Jewish, separatist community? Neither can I. It was also instructive to note that on last night's Larry King Show, that the 'legendary interviewer' took the Mormon guests to task on what TV access they allowed their kids at the ranch! Among some of the dumb questions, King asked for clarification on the following:-

1.Is TV allowed in the ranch and if not why not?
2.Are children allowed access to TV?
3.If there are no TV sets, are individuals barred from bringing in their own?

For God´s sake, Larry, since when has watching TV been compulsory?? I´ll wager the abducted kids have no shortage of access to the jewtube all day long whilst they remain in 'protective custody'!

So there you have it, friends: try raising your kids in a clean wholesome environment free from poisonous cultural influences and 'The Man' will come and take 'em away. On the other hand, the Jews get away with child sacrifice (provided it's done kosher) and no one gives a shit! What a world we live in...

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