Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jews: Victims or Villains?

Phaedrus noted with some curiosity the fact that Israel commemorated its Holocaust Memorial Day last week, whereas we in the rest of the world celebrate it in February. In fact regular readers of World Peace will recall our plea on that day to forget about what happened over 60 years ago and concentrate instead on today's REAL Holocaust: the brutal treatment of Palestinian civilians at the hands of Zionist Jews.

But returning the Israel's commemoration; something about it struck Phaedrus and friends as just plain wrong and it needs to be set straight lest we continue to forget - as we appear to be doing yet again - the invaluable lessons of history. And we're not talking about having two, separate days and how that might generate more publicity and more importantly, money. It's nothing so banal.

What exactly, then, is the problem? Well, in the Western mainstream media, the event was described as commemorating the "victims of the Nazis" or the "victims of German National Socialism." Doubtless these terms went straight over the heads of most folks. I'd wager over 99% of people didn't bat an eyelid. But drawing attention to uncomfortable facts is what blogs like this one are all about.

So you'll no doubt be wondering what the difficulty is with the above terminology. Well, it's simply this: if the event popularly referred to and licensed (all rights reserved) as 'the Holocaust' were a ONE-OFF pogrom then there would be no problem. The event could justifiably be put down to "Nazism" or "National Socialism" and that would be largely the end of the matter. But it's not so straightforward. Can you see where we're heading with this line of argument yet? Probably, but just to leave no room for doubt, let's elaborate...

Were the Jews victims of the Visigoths when they were purged from early 7th century Spain?

Were the Jews victims of the Carthegians 400 years prior to that?

In the 13th century, were the Jews victims of the English King Edward when they were expelled from that country for some 400 years before bribing their way back in again?

One could go on and on and on. In short, the Jews have been booted out of EVERY SINGLE European country at one time or another and not a few other countries outside of Europe besides. In fact, they have at one time or another been purged from over 100 places around the world over the last 1,750 years. Now this puts rather a different complexion on the matter, wouldn't you agree?

So let's wind up this item with an appropriate conclusion. We can see from the foregoing that the Jews ARE indeed victims, but NOT of the Nazis, nor the Turks, nor the Arabs, nor the Huns, nor the Hungarians, but rather of Judaism and Jewishness. They are such reprehensible wretches that they bring all this bad will on themselves, and then have the temerity to blame others for their own evil-doing and seek sympathy and financial compensation for same.

That should be enough to convince anyone about the true nature of Jewish 'victimhood' but for anyone still in denial, here's some quotes from the Jews' holy book, the Talmud which perfectly illustrate why they are such an odious breed of unwanted parasite. This sacred Jewish text decreed by ancient senior Rabbis sets out how Jews may behave in their dealings with non-Jews (and it ain't pretty...)

“Just the Jews are humans, the Non-Jews are not humans, but cattle.” [goyim – human cattle] – (Kerithuth 6b page 78, Jebhammoth 61a)

“The Non-Jews have been created to serve the Jews as slaves.” - (Midrasch Talpioth 225)

“The Non-Jews have to be avoided, even more than sick pigs.” - (Orach Chaiim 57, 6a)

“Sexual intercourse with Non-Jews is like sexual intercourse with animals” – (Kethuboth 3b)

“The birth-rate of the Non-Jews has to be suppressed massively” - (Zohar II, 4b)

“As you replace lost cows and donkeys, so you shall replace dead Non-Jews.” – (Iore Dea 337,1)

“To box an Israeli on the ear, is like to box on the ear of god.” – (Sanhedrin 58b)

"God (Jahveh) is never angry about the Jews, just about the Non-Jews” – (Talmud IV/8/4a)

“The human (Jew) has to pray every day three times, because Jahveh didn’t make him a goyim, not a female and not an ignorant.” – (Talmud V/2/43b + 44a)

“Everywhere they (the Jews) come, they will be the princes of the lords” – (Sanhedrin 104a)

“I, Jahveh make you [the Jewry] the ancestor of the peoples, I make you the selected one amongst the peoples, I make you the king over the peoples, I make you the loved one amongst the peoples, I make you the best one amongst the peoples, I make you the trusted one amongst the peoples” – (Schabbat 105a)

“Towards a Non-Jew the Jew doesn’t cause an adultery… Punishable for the Jew, is just the adultery towards his next, that means the wife of a Jew. The wife of the Non-Jew is excluded” – (Talmud IV/4/52b)

There is no wife for the goyim, they really aren’t their wives” - (Talmud IV/4/81 + 82ab)

“You (the Jews) have made me, Jahveh, the only true lord in the world, so I will make you the only ruler in the world”

“Who wants to be smart shall occupy himself with money matters, because there are no corner pillars in the Thora that are more important, because they are like a sparkling fountain” – (Talmud IV/3/173b)

“Jews always have to try to deceive Non-Jews” – (Zohar I, 168a)

“Carry on trade with Non-Jews, if they have to pay money for it” - (Abhodah Zarah 2a T)

“Non-Jewish property belongs to the Jew who uses it first” - (Babba Bathra 54b)

“If two Jews have deceived a Non-Jew, they have to split the profit” - (Choschen Ham 183,7)

“Every Jew is allowed to use lies and perjury to bring a Non-Jew to ruin” - (Babha Kama 113a)

“The possessions of the goyim are like an ownerless desert, and everybody [every Jew] who seizes it, has acquired it” - (Talmud IV/3/54b)

“The Jew is allowed to exploit the mistake of a Non-Jew and to deceive him” - (Talmud IV/1/113b)

“The Jew is allowed to practice usury on the Non-Jew” - (Talmud IV/2/70b)

“When the Messiah comes, all will be slaves of the Jews” - (Erubin 43b)


THAT, dear friends, is proof positive that the Jews are NOT victims of OTHERS, but simply their OWN WORST ENEMIES.


Abe Bird said...

Are you continue of KKKoebbels Hitler's ProPALganda Shiity lies and never stop your stupidity since? Yes, you do although I have to say that there are "better" sites than you.

Jews have many advantages over you and one of than is that they are much clever than you meat in your skull.

van helsing said...

Once the jews got their hooks into some rulers, they used christians and christianity as a stalking horse for their purposes. missionaries get sent in and used as a cudgel, and a sacrifice, to justify bringing in the military, and the over-business-class.

now each country or people had their own religion, and in the case of europeans, the old religion and the new religion, christianity have some similarities after all this time. but the old religions and their adherents were the ones exterminated or driven underground. they were the victims. the jews and the violent christians who did their bidding, the neocons of their respective ages, keep making new victims. our antecedents were the victims.

of course the jews arent victims. they keep getting kicked out because they keep getting found out, for all their bad habits, like jrm.

Apocrypha said...

It would help if you eliminated from your list of quotes those that aren't actually in the Talmud.

Great job on the blog, but there's enough to complain about without attributing quotes to the Talmud when they aren't actually in it. If you leave them in, it gives more ammo to those who say you're an anti-Semite.

It would be better for your credibility if you stuck to the real (and equally racist/hateful) quotes.