Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Diversify! Diversify! Diversify! - a Plea to the Truth Movement

First off, let us be completely clear about one thing: when we speak hereunder about 'diversity' being an essential survival tool, we're not talking about running out into the street and embracing the first Negro (or homosexual) we see. Still less are we talking about having sex with said Negro (or homosexual) and giving birth to an autistic child (or pathenogenesis for the next HIV variant). That is the kind of 'diversity' the Jews are trying to force on us and consequently it's poison; a death sentence for decent societies everywhere.

Rather, this is a plea to the Truth Movement constituency within the Blogosphere to sever our reliance on such a narrow range of blog hosts in the United States. The vast majority of Jew-aware bloggers maintain their pages with Blogger/Blogspot/Google or whatever they want to be called. The next largest share of the market seems to have been taken by Wordpress, and behind these (in terms of the blogging market share) come a handful of other, lesser known yet still pretty substantial blog hosting sites.

The situation as it stands is TOTALLY unsatisfactory. The two leading blog providers, Google and Wordpress have both shown themselves to be utterly spineless in defending their users' supposedly-protected Constitutional RIGHT to free speech. I refer in particular to the unfortunate experiences of two of our foremost commentators on the Jewish Problem, Curt Maynard and Patrick Grimm, both of whom have had their legitimate platforms summarily pulled from under them at the instigation of evil forces hell-bent on enslaving the people through silencing any and all dissenting opinion.

This reliance on the 'provenly unreliable' is wholly unacceptable and we continue to use the services of these providers at our great peril. For even if Google and Wordpress had NOT evidenced the very worst form of Bad Faith in their shabby treatment of our aforementioned colleagues, something like 90% of the Jew-awareness Truth Movement could be easily shut down at the stroke of a pen by some grubby, government flunky clutching an order from the Supreme Court, citing such-and-such a Stalinist prohibition under the so-called "Patriot" Act.

Ladies and gentlemen, this state of affairs must be brought to an end. We cannot afford to have total dependence on American hosts. As things stand, it is ALL TOO SIMPLE for this out-of-control government to shut us ALL down; to take away our legitimate and inalienable right to say what needs so badly to be said about what the hell is going on around the world today. We are ALL collectively - World Peace included - guilty of gross negligence in hitching our collective wagons to so few of the largest domestic blog providers. We must disperse further afield or risk imminent oblivion at the stroke of a tyrant's pen.

When Curt had his posting privileges withdrawn from Wordpress, after already being barred by Google, Phaedrus suggested he should find a new blog site located in Russia. I hereby re-affirm that call today to the wider community. By remaining with the NWO toadies of Google and Wordpress, we are no more than sitting ducks - ripe for censorship. Russia's president has declared that he is dismayed at the efforts being made in the US to suppress free speech, so I would venture to say that our best chance of survival lies in switching to blog hosts located within that country, ironic as it may seem to those of us of a certain age or above. If we do not do so, the next Israeli false flag attack against America will most likely be preceded by an inexplicable, sudden, collective, enforced silence of the Jew-aware blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

Mother Russia may be the last ray of hope for us Anglo-Saxon European Caucasians, as the U.S. is quickly becoming a Zionist-Communist state.
We all came from Europe, I think its time to go back home and wipe this Khazar (Jewish) Mongoloid race off the face of the earth.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree we need to unite with Russia. We're the same people - of the same blood. Now watch the Jews try and stir up enmity between us. It's guaranteed.

steel68 said...

How would that 'solve' the coming censorship Phaedrus?Would not a situation such as China's be on our doorstep?

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