Friday, February 29, 2008

Huxley Warned Us: Part 8

In Part 7, we were able to see how blanket control over the media had enabled the Jews to become the only game in town when it came to dissemination of information and that the alphabet soup of TV channels on offer that suggest the availability of free choice is simply an illusion. Virtually ALL the networks are pushing forward the NWO agenda by promoting the idea that free-trade, globalization and mass movements of peoples between countries is a Good Thing which brings jobs and prosperity. And whilst we dive headlong into embracing this cultural suicide, the really big gainers, as always, are the Jews. By acting as intermediaries, agents and obstacles between parties in international trade (a core business of this parasite going back Millenia) they can ALWAYS make a good living, regardless of how impoverished those poor fools competing for ever worsening living standards consequently become.
Huxley, 1958:

"In the West, democratic principles are proclaimed and many able and conscientious publicists do their best to supply electors with adequate information and to persuade them, by rational argument, to make realistic choices in the light of that information. All this is greatly to the good. But unfortunately propaganda in the Western democracies above all in America, has two faces and a divided personality. In charge of the editorial department there is often a democratic Dr Jekyll - a propagandist who would be very happy to prove that John Dewey had been right about the ability of human nature to respond to truth and reason. But this worthy man controls only a part of the machinery of mass communication.

"In charge of advertising we find an anti-democrat because anti-rational, Mr Hyde - or rather a Doctor Hyde, for Hyde is now a Ph.D. in psychology and has a master's degree as well in the Social Sciences. This Dr Hyde would be very unhappy indeed if everybody always lived up to John Dewey's faith in human nature. Truth and reason are Jekyll's affairs, not his . Hyde is a Motivation Analyst, and his business is to study human weaknesses and failings, to investigate those un­conscious desires and fears by which so much of men's conscious thinking and overt doing is determined. And he does this, not in the spirit of the moralist who would like to make people better, or of the physician who would like to improve health, but simply in order to find out the best way to take advantage of their ignorance and to exploit their irrationality for the pecuniary benefit of his employers."

Here again, Huxley re-affirms his conviction that the mass media is working AGAINST the best interests of the people. His 'Dr. Hyde' character is alive and with us in the West today, too. Yet since we are now 50 years down the road from when Huxley penned his observations, the new Dr. Hyde of today has infinitely more techniques for deception in his armory. Fifty years of endless studies into what makes people tick in the most microscopic areas of their lives has yielded hundreds of thousands of documents and reports detailing every gleanable fact from the human psyche and how it may be ruthlessly and cynically manipulated to ensure that the naked greed of the Jew is to some extent at least satiated. And all this goes on with the full backing of Western governments, the leaders of which have become phenomenally wealthy for their tacit assistance in selling out the true interests of the people. So much for 'democracy.' So much for 'public service.'

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