Friday, February 22, 2008

The Kosovo Issue for people in a hurry

Phaedrus appreciates that most folks are too busy just trying to simply stay alive these days to read up on everything that goes on around the world - however much as they might wish to - so World Peace provides a helpful solution with a short, comprehensive briefing which busy people can digest in less than 10 minutes.

The Kosovo issue is worth acquainting oneself with for a number of reasons, so let's take a look at it concisely in plain language. To get the picture across in a way which is more meaningful for the average reader, we'll mentally re-situate Kosovo within North America for the sake of illustration.

Consider you live in Texas and always have, as has your family for generations. You consider yourself an American and a Texan. Your values are American values and you have a certain pride in your country and your state.

Now consider that over the course of many decades, Mexicans have been increasingly flooding in to such an extent that you and your people have now become the minority. Your people have become outnumbered 95% by ethnic Mexicans. You're not happy about the situation, but there's not much you can do about it. You and the Mexicans are obliged to co-exist together. Your northern European cultural roots have been all but wiped out and you've become confined to a small ghetto in the north-western-most region of the state. Resignedly, you knuckle under and proceed to make the best you can of a bum situation.

One fine day, however, the Mexicans - having reached a critical mass - decide that there's enough of them to unilaterally declare Texas an independent, Hispanic state! They replace the flags of Texas and the US with their own colors. They draft and start to enforce their own laws. They erect border crossing controls with the neighboring US states, so now whenever you leave Texas and return, you have to stop at the crossing and present your travel authority, visa, passport, whatever to a Mexican border force. You'd rightly feel pretty pissed-off, wouldn't you?

Still, no doubt the UN will sort the problem out and put these usurpers back in their place! Not an unreasonable expectation, wouldn't you say? But there's a deafening silence... Next and more alarmingly, some old established countries from around the world suddenly announce that they recognize 'Hispania' and will treat it as a new, independent country! Your statehood, your laws, your culture, your way of life have been stolen from under your noses with the blessing of the 'international community'!

Incredibly, this is what has happened in the former Yugoslavian republic of Serbia. Serbia is a fully fledged country in its own right. It has a very long and noble history dating right back to the middle ages. Yet a bunch of expatriate, Albanian gypsies have annexed part of it for their own exclusive use! If they were so proud of their Albanian roots they could have simply returned to Albania, you might think. But that's not what they've done. They are foreigners that don't even belong in the country, but they've sectioned off part of it exclusively for themselves and now require its original, historical inhabitants to submit to their rule!

The most important aspect of this development for us to remember here in the West is the countries who have chosen to support this move and the speed with which they have done so. Smells like a set-up? You bet. America, Britain, France, Germany. Four of the most Jew-dominated countries in the world, all hell-bent on forcing through the New World Order agenda. If you were a Texan and the Mexicans annexed it for themselves and Russia immediately rubber-stamped the change, you'd naturally be more than a little upset. Now perhaps we can see why the Serbians have burned the American flag.

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