Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Why No Blue Eyes?


It just strikes me as very odd. Like most people I have been wasting far too much time watching the wall-to-wall coverage of the so-called 'Race for the White House' and I have seen an endless procession of the jewsmedia's talking heads expounding various disingenuous views on who's doing well and who isn't. But you know what? None of these 'observers' and 'commentators' have blue eyes!

It may strike some folks as a petty gripe, but is there something more to it than mere happenstance? Not only the aforementioned self-appointed political pundits, but more generally; news anchors, the weather presenters, the talk show hosts - I can think of NONE of them that have blue eyes. Why are people with blue eyes being under-represented in the mainstream media? They still form a significant proportion of the American people, yet it's like the TV channels don't want to acknowledge they even exist. I wonder why?

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