Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What exactly is the "Judeo-Christian Tradition"?

It's a phrase that's frequently tossed around nowadays, you may have noticed it cropping up ubiquitously yourself! Certainly our bellicose presidential hopeful, John McCain has been keen to repeat it loudly wherever he goes, presumably to give a clear signal to the all-powerful Israel-First lobby that he's their guy and for him at least - the old war-horse that he claims to be - Zionism isn't a dirty word.

But seriously: is there any commonality to be found in the two faiths? In Phaedrus' considered submission, no, there is NONE. Granted, Christ was a Jew - a good man who unaccountably sprung from Jewish loins - something of a miracle in itself, you may think. He grew up to eschew everything Judaism stood for and provoked the anger of the Pharisees to such a degree that they engineered his long and excruciatingly painful death. And that was the end of this not-so-beautiful relationship.

So much then for common factors. Judaism and Christianity are poles apart; more different in every respect even than chalk and cheese. There is no such thing as the "Judeo-Christian Tradition" and anyone who uses this term ought to be regarded with the utmost suspicion, for they are either a willful ignoramus, someone sucking up to the Jews, or else a cunning Jew attempting to revise theology for Israel's benefit.

It's always been something of a mystery to me how come one almost invariably finds the New Testament 'bundled' with the Old. Printing two entirely different books within a single binder doesn't unify two different religions, I'm afraid, much though the Jews would like it to appear so. Christians should properly refuse to accept such editions, for the bulk of them are filled with Evil and ill-disguised Satanism. Only the stuff from AD.0 counts for anything.

The Gods are different, too. The God of the Old Testament - the Jewish God - is a different entity altogether from the God of the New Testament - the father of Jesus. And if you have two distinctly different deities, then there's no way anyone can successfully pass off the lie that the two faiths are in essence of one and the same root. For example, in one unguarded moment, Harold Rosenthal, aide to a fellow Ashkenazi Jew, Senator Jacob Javits, stated in 1976 that: “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.”

Of course it's in the Jews' best interests for them to deny this rather disturbing fact. The pretense of a Christian connection helps to make them feel less marginalized in the world for one thing, and no doubt American tax payers feel less irate at having to throw endless piles of their cash at Israel for another, if they can be convinced they're fulfilling a Bible prophesy. And again, we are constantly told that "Israel is our ally." Boy! Some ally! But the fact remains that Jews and Christians are entirely separate faiths and furthermore share neither bloodline nor racial nor ideological characteristics.

So the next time you hear someone use this term within your hearing, don't just let it pass. Pull them up on it. Demand to know who they are and WHY they are lying.. Which of the above categories do they fall into: fool, sycophant or knave? If you're really lucky and strike gold, it'll be McCain out electioneering with his new best buddy Joe Lieberman and you can grab the SOB by the throat and demand to know what his little game is in spreading such lies to the American people. Do it! Do it for America!


Slade said...

Jesus was not a"jew"he was a Judean.The first time Jesus was named a jew it was in the 1345 King James version of the Greek bible.It is spelled Ghu.He probably came from a sect refered to as the Essenes.Probably the Mary's were part of this sect,Mary Magala in particular.The Mary's seem to have plenty of money.Jesus got most of his disicples from the Sea of Galilee.He chose to walk in Galilee because if walked in Judea,juden would kill him.See the miracle of feeding the 5000 men is in older versions of the Bible,where it states Jesus got the men to sit in groups of 100's,50's,20's.These are numbers of modern platoons and such.I suspect there were many armies in
Galilee,ie,Romans,Phonecians,Egptians etc.One thing is certain those goofy,evil pharrisees were stiring up the peoples and pitting them against one another.Jesus figured it out,the deceit,the evilness,the envy,the hate of mankind.Jesus spoke directly to them.He said,"you all are full of shit.You are the children of satan and his truth is lies.I can just see them,grinding their teeth,marching away with their beads for sale,lol,.Then they killed him,no,they got the Romans to do it.In the last chapter of Matthew you can read how they take Honor and doing the right thing from man.
Next the those goofy evil jews,israelites,hyskos,hebrews,communist
bolshiveks.occult,hidden jews,put four little dinky chapters the New Testament and the rest is some goofy sick jew named paul,who,after killing a thousand Christians had a close encounter with the God of Universe.He wrote after book after book of the new testament.He spent time in jail.Remember Rome didn't like jews wandering around,it wasn't the little Christian sect.They hated those arrogant raging fanatics.The Romans put them in jail.
Today's modern jew's motto,dress british speak yiddish.Just like every other time burrowed deep in the host enjoying their parasitic pleasure of destruction of the host.They are arrogant. America's arrogance that somehow things will magically change astounds me.Awake America for the wounded beast of countless destroyed civilizations stumbles and cries for us to exact revenge on the shapeshifters.

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