Friday, February 22, 2008

Further evidence that the 'Judeo-Christian tradition' is bunk!

Discrediting the Big Lie that Judaism and Christianity share any common history or values is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel. In this article, Phaedrus invites us to place another aspect of Judaism under the microscope and inspect it for any signs of Christian influence.

Ever heard of the term 'Golem?' Is the term familiar to you? No? Check out this page from the Wikipedia. You should find it rather interesting...

Well, this is quite a revelation, wouldn't you say? Can you spot the commonality between Judaism and Christianity in the creation of such a destructive entity? No? The more one reads about these weird curiosities concerning the Jewish faith, the more it becomes clear that Christianity is the absolute antithesis of Judaism. If Judaism has any common ground at all with other belief systems, then it is far closer to witchcraft, satanism, shamanism, animism, voodoo and hoodoo. Can you imagine Jesus creating a Golem?

Judaism is just plain, downright creepy and evil. And this uncomfortable little fact probably accounts for why some of the most unspeakably dreadful horror films ever made have been conceived by Jewish movie directors.

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