Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Huxley Warned US: Part 4

See the preamble from Part 1 if you haven't already.

The joke of modern 'democracy'...

Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited, 1958:

"In a capitalist democracy, such as the United States, [the entire economic process] is controlled by what Professor C. Wright Mills has called the 'Power Elite.' This Power Elite directly employs several millions of the country's work force in its factories, offices and stores, controls many mil­lions more by lending them the money to buy its products and, through its ownership of the media of mass communication, influences the thoughts, the feelings and the actions of virtually everybody. To parody the words of Winston Churchill, never have so many been manipulated so much by so few. We are far indeed from Jefferson's ideal of a genuinely free society composed of a hierarchy of self ­governing units - 'the elementary republics of the wards, the county republics, the State republics and the Republic of the Union, forming a gradation of authorities.'

"We see, then, that modern technology has led to the con­centration of economic and political power, and to the development of a society controlled (ruthlessly in the total­itarian states, politely and inconspicuously in the democ­racies) by Big Business and Big Government. But societies are composed of individuals and are good only in so far as they help individuals to realize their potentialities and to lead a happy and fruitful life. How have individuals been affected by the technological advances of recent years? Here is the answer to this question given by a philosopher-psychiatrist, Dr Erich Fromm: 'Our contemporary Western society, in spite of its material, intellectual and political progress, is increasingly less conducive to mental health, and tends to undermine the inner security, happiness, reason and the capacity for love in the individual; it tends to turn him into an automaton who pays for his human failure with increasing mental sickness, and with despair hidden under a frantic drive for work and so­-called pleasure.' "

Well, nothing much has changed in the intervening 50 years, we can plainly see - save perhaps the intensity of this on-going manipulation.

Huxley correctly identifies that Big Government and Big Business are working hand-in-hand in a manner that brings nothing but ill for the broad mass of the population. Though purportedly working in OUR best interests, it is increasingly clear, even to those of little perception, that the government is doing quite the opposite and this outrageous state of affairs has been the norm for very many decades. Yet every few years, we shuffle like battery chickens into the polling booths in the delusion that our wishes and needs count for anything. We are simply rubber-stamping the authority of enemies who would happily throw our children into the jaws of ravenous wolves if it served their purposes. No one gets nominated for a shot at the presidency who isn't already pre-approved for the post by Jewish-controlled entities. Come November, we will be presented with the usual choice: a candidate who is slavishly pro-Israel (Obama) or one who is actively so (McCain). Either way, WE THE PEOPLE (for whom it's all supposed to be about) LOSE. Our democracy has been stolen. We get the last word; the final say; but it's meaningless because whoever wins, it's only ever another sock-puppet of Israel - then it's swiftly back to business as usual.

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