Friday, February 8, 2008

Patrick Grimm is Back!

Zionist Watch has been silent for 6 long weeks, but now Patrick is back once again in fine form - and boy does America need him!

Patrick, it's over to you...

"This article was partially written in January and then subsequently edited with more current info and some sarcasm added later. Enjoy."

By Patrick Grimm

Let’s take a gander at two specific cases from just the last few weeks. But first you must understand one thing and not ever forget it. If a person is loyal, subservient and cravenly deferential and obsequiously slavish towards the agenda of Judeo-Marxism, then they shall receive handsome returns from the Jewish overlords, the kingmakers and the muckrakers of the Zionist media. Who knows? The fortunate forked-tongued enablers of the internationalist agenda of Communistic Big Jewry might even get their own damn holidays.
Dr. Mike King, errrr, Martin Luther King, Jr., the supposedly brave civil rights scion was a degenerate, a philanderer, an adulterer who faked the mantle of moral authority even while he battered white hookers, delved into hard-core pornography, used church funds for trysts, plagiarized most of his doctoral thesis with no repercussions, surrounded himself with radical Marxist Jews and attended Communist training camps in his younger years.
But all is forgiven, all is forgotten and ol’ King is canonized, lionized and eulogized eternally because he chose to bend his knee to the Self-Chosen arbiters of anti-white hate and anti-autonomy. He feasted on the returns of the disenfranchisement of Euro-Americans brought to pass by those with an anti-European animus. Yes, Houston, we have a problem, and it’s still the JEWS!
King bought his martyrdom not just from the shot that rang out in Memphis, but because he said the magical “Abracadabra, Open Sesame!” words that gained him the stuff that cellulose dreams are made of. King defended Zionism and Jewish righteousness and the Jewish Communist revolution that was cutting a sweeping swath of white European genocide across sundry lands. King unwaveringly declared himself committed body and soul to the tenets of Zionism in his “Letter to an Anti-Zionist Friend” [1] where he breezily dismisses his friend’s oppositions to the Jewish state with talking points that could have been lifted verbatim from an Anti-Defamation League press release, its caveats against anti-Semitic “carelessness” almost aping Stalin’s sneering dismissal of all who spoke of the “Jewish Revolution” openly.
Now behold the contrast. Take a look at the recently deceased Bobby Fischer, an implacable enemy of international Jewry and one of its loudest and most unhinged (the Jewish lobby would say “mentally ill”) critics. Perhaps Fischer was a Jew and had two Jewish parents, but somewhere along the line he figured out the composition of the Jewish character and was a victim of shrill and hateful Jewish defamation for decades, even finally giving up his US citizenship out of disgust. He loathed Zionism and the greed and thievery at the heart of the Jewish Talmudic longing for world domination, with the United States of America as the “democratic” bouncer sending all other comers smashing to the curb of obscurity at the whim of the Jew bankers and the Jews who run our evil Zionist-infested misnomered “government of, by and for the people.” He knew, like many of us do, that we have a government full of “warm Jews” meaning Jews who are predisposed to supporting Israel and betraying America. Because of Fischer’s verbal trespasses against the Foreskinners [2], any MSM stories related to Fischer’s passing have portrayed the chess master as “crazy”, “anti-Semitic” and “delusional” with no reference or even feinting consideration of the relative truth or untruth of his criticisms of a now untouchable elite devoted disproportionately to treason, usury, counterfeiting and pure unalloyed evil enterprises the world over.
No, Fischer has now become a non-human, a less-than-nobody only for his critiques, which were often crass and obscenity-laden, but mostly apt. He knew as clearly as anyone that to array oneself against Jews is to quicken upon oneself the opprobrium tonnage of Jewish smears and Jewish legal haranguing, if not outright death threats, physical beatings, firebombing or “targeted killing” with a little help from the Jewish Defense League and the fine America-funded boys from the Israeli Mossad.
This is why I will say unashamedly that “My heroes have always been ‘anti-Semites.’” If you want to know where the power lies in our country, then look at the lemmings and the quislings who are showered with gifts and bestowed with king-like status by the Jews. They are the twisted troglodytes traipsing down the primrose path to the one-worlder dream of Zion. They are the McCains, the Clintons and anyone else who has made it into the ranks of the political elite. Behold a chimpish George W. Bush visiting the only country he can now enter without being burned in effigy, where the scourge of his treason is still reckoned unto him as righteousness and virtue as he sheds a tear for the non-existent six million at Yad Vashem and whimpers that the United States should have bombed Auschwitz or done something, anything to stop the deaths of the only human beings whose lives really matter in the first place. No tears fell for the 70+ million non-Self-Choseners who perished fighting the Second World Jew War, nor has a ‘thank you card’ been sent to the families of all those who have died for the most contemporary and recent Big Lie spun by the Jews.
Those who tell the hard truth, who step forward risking reputation, good name, family, livelihood, are not heroes, at least not when their names are mentioned by anyone other than working Caucasoid Americans and those who still cherish old Euro-America before its glow was dulled, its spark starved of oxygen beneath the bushel of Judeo-Marxism. The commercially mongrelized who dance to hip hop on the small screen and beg for more diversity and those of the monolithic minds who work our government and orgasm at the mere thought of the “death of whiteness” will always see an MLK as angel and a Bobby Fischer or a David Duke or a Patrick Buchanan as devil, not because these individuals are factually wrong or can be proven to be factually wrong, but because they do not apologize for being so right about racial realism and Jewish duplicity.
I find it more than coincidental that almost every person I admire and who has contributed most to making a better country and a better world is now considered by “conventional wisdom” to be an “anti-Semite.” Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Charles Lindbergh, Thomas Edison, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound and now even Gandhi’s grandson Arun Gandhi have been added to the list of “anti-Semite” villains that the public must, on orders from above, detest. Sure, Mahatma may have set India back 75 years, but Arun at least was brave enough to speak the truth and warn the planet of the death and bloodshed that Zionism, Israel and an excrement-like Jewish culture brings. Of course he is now being predictably chastised and brow-beaten, but such is life in the Jewdasphere, isn’t it?
What do we need now? What we don’t need are more holidays honoring monsters masquerading as saints, just because they were of a darker hue or supported Jewish supremacism and Zionist-Marxist aims. Toss King and the other sock puppets for the Jew money masters aside and learn the heroism to be had from becoming, at least in the eyes of the Jews and their Jewdas-goats, an “anti-Semite.” Our ranks are growing larger, more prestigious and more relentless all the time. Perhaps one day you will join us and the world will not be as one, but a multiplicity of autonomies with true diversity, a tapestry made up of all the races and nations the Jews want to erase forever, but who remain defiantly existent.

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Patrick Grimm and Hal Turner are both FBI Informers, and they are also lovers.