Friday, February 15, 2008

The Bible According to Phaedrus

"For there will be much pissing, whining, moaning, bitching and gnashing of fangs."

Whenever I trawl through the Jews' Old Testament - you know, the one they're always trying to pass off as being equally valid for Christians - I can't help but be astonished by the number of times their own God despairs of them. It's a recurrent theme throughout the entire volume. Again and again and again the Children of Israel stray from the teachings of their God, they break the Commandments, they consort with the unclean Goyim, they feel a pull towards alien deities and they neglect their devotions and the teachings of their own prophets.

So their God understandably gets mad about this and sends a series of misfortunes their way. He "sets his face against them" and brings about all manner of tribulations to try to get them to see sense and return to the fold. Finally, when all seems lost, the Children of Israel see the error of their ways and seek peace with their God. They fall to their knees and beg, grovel (and probably bitch, whine, piss and moan) for forgiveness. God is so moved by their pathetic pleas for mercy that he lets them off and the whole process starts over again. And again and again and again!

It really becomes quite farcical. Christians, of course, don't need to know any of this stuff. But we get it nevertheless because it serves the interests of Zionism. This is one reason why it's so difficult to buy the Gospels alone. Anyway, the above cycle is described as going on for many generations. On one occasion, outlined in Ezekiel, God is so fed up trying to woo back his 'Children' that he resorts to conscripting a Gentile to plead with them on his behalf! Now how embarrassing must that have been! But that's the Jews, I guess. The majority are naturally inclined to stray and are typically very stubborn. "For they are a rebellious House." - as their God describes them.

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