Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Huxley Warned Us: part 1


Aldous Huxley was one of the most outstanding visionaries of the 20th century. His predictions of the direction in which the world was heading have since been proven to be breathtakingly accurate. In 1932 Huxley penned his seminal masterpiece, 'Brave New World' - a novel depiction of a 'dystopian utopia' where the vast majority of the world's populace were genetically and socially-engineered slaves who labored quite contentedly in their ignorance, under the direction of a class of persons described as 'World Controllers' - an unelected elite who kept their underlings in willful subjugation via a combination of relentless subliminal propaganda, free sex, mindless, meaningless, undemanding entertainment and the distribution of a rewarding, 'feel-good' psychotropic drug.

This futuristic novel was set in the in the 26th century, by which time Huxley envisioned his predictions would most likely become reality. However, alarmed by the speed at which the dystopia he had described was coming to fruition, he was forced to accept that the likely arrival of Brave New World (for real) would in fact be much, much sooner than he had ever imagined. In1958 he wrote a sequel entitled: 'Brave New World Revisited'. In this reflective and recondite essay, he held up his prophecies to the transparent scrutiny afforded by the intervening 26 years of socio-political change. He concluded, much to his despair, that the nightmare world he had foreseen in the distant future was in reality "only just around the corner."

Now, fast-forward a further 50 years to 2008. Phaedrus herewith examines a series of extracts from Huxley's 1958 sequel to see exactly how far down the road to outright totalitarianism and slavish subservience we have traveled. The conclusions drawn are as alarming as one could possibly imagine and beg the questions: has a Brave New World been the agenda all along? Did Huxley merely PREDICT its inception? Or did he rather go no small way towards INSPIRING it? Perhaps some clues to this enigma will hopefully arise in the course of this series. Huxley wrote BNWR in the late 1950s - in a matter-of-fact style that was in those days refreshingly free from political-correctness. If you're queasy at the thought of Plain Truth, the best thing to do is shut down your computer and get back to Fox News. For everyone else, however, here we go with our first extract...

"...Omitted from the picture (not as being unimportant, but merely for convenience and because I have discussed them on earlier occasions) are the mechanical and military enemies of freedom - the weapons and gadgets which have so power­fully strengthened the hands of the world's rulers against their subjects, and the ever more ruinously costly preparations for ever more senseless and suicidal wars.

"The chapters that follow should be read against a background of thoughts about the Hungarian uprising and its repression, about the H-­bombs, about the cost of what every nation refers to as 'defense', about those endless columns of uniformed boys, white, black, brown, yellow, marching obediently towards the common grave..."

Much of the above requires no elaboration, but it is interesting to note that Huxley refers to weapons and gadgets that have strengthened the hands of the world's rulers AGAINST (their own) subjects. How much more true is this today than it was 50 years ago? I think we can safely say the drive towards subjugating the world's populations has continued unabashed. Out of a combination of apathy and ignorance, we have permitted this process to be carried out against us. We COULD have stood up against it, but we didn't. We were warned. We have no excuses. And now the situation is worse than ever, and shows no sign of any immediate improvement. If Americans put McCain in the White House, then expect a Draft to follow shortly afterwards and we can once again kiss another generation of our kids goodbye. Someone once said (I believe it was Jefferson) that "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Regrettably, that price is one that collectively we have been unwilling to pay. In failing in our duty to ourselves and our children, therefore, we have created a situation in which the only way back to peace and normality is through bloody revolution, for it certainly cannot be achieved through the ballot box, as we all now know only too well, when the only voice of common sense and reason, Ron Paul, was quietly silenced by the crooked, Jew-controlled mainstream media.

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