Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yet more Immigrant Violence in Britain


Comments in what follows below within square brackets are by Phaedrus..

"Pakistani men jailed for racially-motivated attack"

Source: the Romford Recorder's website....

"Three Asian men from a gang of over 30 have been convicted of attacking a group of [English] friends at a birthday celebration and trying to kill one of them have each been given 18-year jail sentences.

"Sodrul Isalm, 23, Delwar Hussain, 21, Mamoon Hussain, 20 [all Pakistani Islamic extremists to whom Britain's Jews willingly granted entry] were sentenced at the Old Bailey.

"John Payne, 33, was left paralyzed below the waist by the attack on an East London housing estate almost two years ago. He faces the rest of his life in a wheelchair. His struggle to get the case treated as the hate crime [that it is] he claimed it was has eaten up all his family's resources. [probably because illegal immigrants have drained all available public funds]

"The court was told that the gang of more than 30 Pakistanis [encouraged to enter Britain in the early 1960s by Internationalist Jewry then-as-now controlling the BBC's pro-immigration propaganda] attacked the group of five [white English] people, screaming racial abuse at them as they repeatedly kicked them whilst they were on the ground, thereby occasioning Mr. Payne's injuries." (item ends)

As can be seen from incidents like the above, the Jews are the single biggest cause of ethnic tensions in our world today. They use their political influence in the West to force disparate races to live together right up one against another. They know damn well that this system doesn't work in practice and it only ever generates hatred and enmity. This is why the Jew extols it. Jews love to create chaos and disharmony. Read the Old Testament and see for yourself. They haven't changed a bit since Biblical times.

Furthermore, look at Israel's 'Apartheid Wall' that is under construction in Arab Palestine right now. The Jews know that high fences make good neighbors and the mixing of cultures just doesn't work. They try to preserve this knowledge entirely for themselves, however. Any non-Jew who has the temerity to adopt such a program of racial segregation is immediately demonized in the 96% controlled Jewish media as a Nazi or a eugenicist. However, the most ardent, hard-core Nazis and eugenicists are the Jews themselves. Who do they think they are fooling by constantly playing the victim?


Kosherbacon said...
Cut your censorship. Ron Paul is a Jew Stooge.

Eric said...

Shocker...another anti-Semite for Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

If Ron Paul is a Jewish stooge, why are the mainstream media pretending he doesn't exist? More likely your 'stooge' smear is a Jewish device to undermine Paul's support base.