Friday, January 18, 2008

I Have a Dream...


I have a dream! I have a dream of an America where our founding fathers' values are fearlessly and sweepingly re-asserted and all opposing forces are smashed into oblivion! My vision is for an America free of all the deadwood and garbage that has been dragging it into the cultural and economic gutter for far too many decades now. I dream of an America where everything is in its proper place: Africans in Africa, Hispanics in Mexico and the Jews in Hades.

I have a dream of a place in which we can bring our kids up straight and true; to do right and to build a better future for themselves and their kids in turn. I want to see our kids grow up at their own speed and enjoy their childhoods in the sun. I want no longer to see them catapulted prematurely into some dysfunctional adulthood, raped all along the way by the Jewish media and the Liberal apparachicks from which they derive their staggering audacity and bigoted impudence.

I want to see a robust domestic economy which builds high walls for us against unfair international competition. America's trading partners need us far more than we need them. WE, uniquely in the world perhaps, can cheerfully go it alone - and be far better off for it. My vision is of a country that looks after itself and doesn't give a stuff for interfering in the affairs of others and in particular is perfectly comfortable with seeing Israel fight its own filthy wars alone under its own colors for once.

Isn't this what ALL good people want? Can it really be so hard to implement?

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