Friday, January 25, 2008

I Am Legend

In his latest movie of the above title, Will Smith plays a brilliant, black scientist who sacrifices his life to save the world. Sounds plausible? Nope, I don't get it, either. I was just trying to figure out exactly how many brilliant black scientists who might be prepared to sacrifice themselves to save the world I knew of, either directly or indirectly. The answer was none. OK, forget about the self-sacrificing aspect. How many, I asked myself, brilliant black scientists could I name? Uh, again, it was zilch. OK, forget about the brilliant aspect. How many plain old black scientists, then? Sheesh, it was still too tough! But I guess that's the thing about Hollywood. At the end of the day, the garbage it spews forth is only fantasy – and 'I Am Legend' is about as far removed from reality as it gets.

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curt maynard said...

You don't know any "brilliant black scientists?" They're everywhere, don't you see them? Are you blind? Every television show has at least two or three brilliant blacks, whether they be neurosurgeons, astronauts, scientists. I mean seriously, are you saying the media fabricates them?

LOL. The reason you don't see them and/or know of any is because you obviously aren't nearly as insane as is the average American.Canadian.