Friday, January 25, 2008

Publicly-Funded Health Care: the Nation's Final Nail

Too much spending going on today. Way too much! The Israelis want us to start another costly war with Iran, the Republicans want to forget about deporting illegals and the Democrats want to arrange health care for the uninsurables at the bottom of society. It all adds up to Big Bucks down the can. And guess who'll be picking up the tab for it all? Honest, hard working folks like you and me, that's who.

I can just imagine it now. Doctors surgeries filled to overflowing with black and Hispanic women and their legions of colored offspring. Black welfare mammies with six kids on a leash in one hand and a Double Whopper with Cheese in the other. All morbidly obese and dressed in the de-rigeur several-sizes-too-small black Spandex. All bitching about how you can't get Maple bacon with food stamps. A trip to the doctor's will become just another part of their daily routine: welfare office, surgery, supermarket, liquor store, score some dope, then off to Popeyes for a bucket of fried chicken.

America used to be a proud country where folks made their own way and didn't look for hand-outs. Now it's increasingly becoming a nation of whiners, pissers, moaners, panhandlers and other dependents whose only skill is in begging or robbing or else rolling a joint or improvising a crack-pipe. This nation is rotting under a mountain of garbage and somebody needs to do something about it NOW. Who will step forward and deliver us out of this madness before we are totally consumed by it? Can we rely on the government to take action? CAN WE HELL.

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