Monday, January 14, 2008

Obama: the Nappy-Headed Homie


It's apparent a lot of black folks out there believe that Obama is going to be their savior and somehow magically make them all happy, rich and successful. Inspired by the charismatic Negro's rhetoric, and that of black-supremacist Oprah Winfrey, these poor fools honestly believe that Obama will bring in sweeping change that will deliver them out of their poverty and ignorance. What a bunch of idiots!

The fact of the matter is that Obama is already bought and paid for by the Jews, who own his ass 100%. Who is funding his campaign? Oh, it's "hedge funds" isn't it? So they say, but what does this mean exactly? Basically, it's euphamism for Wall Street merchant banks like Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. And we all know who owns THEM.

The US president has become rather like the Queen of England. A figurehead with no real power they can freely exercise. The candidates talk about all the changes they want to bring in to 'make America a better place' but those who are finally chosen to lead quickly discover (if they don't already know) that their policies will be decided for them by International Jewry and the NWO direction will be pursued with the same vigour as before. Nothing ever changes in today's 'democracy.'

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