Tuesday, January 8, 2008

People of Britain now Governed by Foreigners


The British people (more than any other Europeans) are constantly scolded into accepting that the ethnic constituency of their parliament and courts must reflect the ethnic make up of the country at large. This is the excuse given for fielding exclusively shortlisted black/homo/Muslim candidates which give the voter no real choice as to whom to vote for.

However, if this pretext for 'fairness' were a genuine REASON as opposed to the NWO scam that it is, it would entail the ousting of hundreds of Jewish MPs, peers and Judges, since they are significantly OVER represented in public life in Britain, when compared to the modest 3% or so they comprise in the wider country at large. So ... the obvious question is... when are all the Jews in Parliament and the courts going to step down to make way for those minorities whose interests they claim to be so keen to promote?

Phaedrus for one will not be holding his breath.

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