Monday, January 21, 2008

To Destroy Society, Begin With the Family


The Jews quite rightly take family life very seriously indeed. They know that the core element of their society, the very essence of what keeps the Tribe together, is the family and that everything else follows from the success or failure of this vitally-important fundamental unit.

There's no place for television in the orthodox Jewish home. The Jews know better than anyone about the despicable and ruinous cultural influences that are propagated 24/7 via this insidious universal medium. So if the Jewish home has a TV at all (probably just for show purposes) it will spend the vast majority of its time switched off, certainly when children are around.

Meals and festivals are likewise observed with religious reverence. Like most of us Gentile folks did in times past, they eat together as a family around a table with everyone present and nobody skipping off to eat alone upstairs in front of their computer or whatever. This closeness in family life is the substrate that forms the essential foundation for their children's futures and the Jews understand the huge importance of it. Much trouble and effort goes into maintaining this settled, cosseted way of life.

So what am I bitching about, then? Well here's where it gets kind of twisted... Whilst the Jews know that a close and stable family life is vital to their cultural and social integrity and do everything within their power to foster and encourage it for themselves, they contemporaneously make every effort to ensure that OUR families are put under intolerable strain to the point where breakdown becomes inevitable.

The Jews control the media (96% of it anyway according to Jew Watch) so THEY are responsible for the constant stream of poison spewed forth from television, cinema, magazines and newspapers. Their strident message is that we should be unsatisfied with our lives. We should, so we are told, be spending more than we are; working longer hours than we already do and having as much promiscuous sex as possible in any spare time we might undeservedly enjoy.

The Jewish media constantly cajoles us, even in the midst of our most Holy Christian festivals that we should be out in the malls, queuing up outside the shops for the start of the sales. People who refuse to buy into this consumerist bullshit are portrayed as oddballs; either shamefully stingy or embarrassingly poor, or worse yet, possibly suffering from some sort of personality disorder or sociopathic illness. The company of such unfortunates should be avoided and their poor children pitied. The peer pressure to spend in order to conform and buy popularity is immense.

So there's a huge dichotomy between the lifestyles of Jews and Gentiles which the former have purposely engineered to undermine the latter. The constantly-repeated mantra is that Gentile lives are woefully incomplete, and only through the unqualified acceptance of the globalist, consumerist values espoused by the Jewish media can we be saved. The problem of course, is that such pressures as these all too frequently destroy families. And when families are undermined, so is wider society. The evidence is now irrefutable.

So we can see that the Jews are playing the game by two different sets of rules: one for them and another for everyone else. Whilst being as keen as mustard to protect their OWN family environment; they are hell bent on destroying OURS, and as a consequence, our wider society. One could adopt an analogy at this point and remark that it's not unlike a black dope-dealer selling drugs to white parents' kids when he would never dream of peddling dope to his own. Or a burger vendor who sells food to others that he wouldn't feed to his own dog.

And you know what's even more twisted about the whole thing? The fact that nobody's allowed to complain about it! So if some black jerk is selling dope to school-kids outside the school gates and I get to hear about it, the law in some states says that I mustn't warn the kids' parents of what's going on as it might result in a 'hate crime' being perpetrated against the dealer by a mob of angry parents! Instead I have to inform the police and hope they can be bothered to do something about it.

But when it comes to the Jews poisoning our kids' minds through their all-pervasive media interests, our hands are tied. The police are powerless to do anything to redress the situation and the government itself is in the pocket of the Jews. I MUST protect my family and warn others about what's going on in our country, but by doing so, I may be instigating a 'hate crime' by stirring up ill-feeling against the Jews. No one wants to have to break the law, but what choice does one have when a very grave wrong indeed is being done to this country, yet there's no legal remedy? What's a principled person to do in such circumstances? I ask you again – WHAT???

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Anonymous said...

I guess you are finally waking up to what the Catholic Church has been saying for centuries. Congratulations, now come over to the other side where to the tools to defeat this plague are plentiful.