Monday, January 14, 2008

Britain "deliberately worsening relations" - Russia


Yes, the usual suspects are at it again. The British Council's decision to reopen its Moscow offices in spite of Russia's outrage simply goes to demonstrate how far under the heel of Jewry Britain has been stomped. Phaedrus reported some months ago about the deterioration in relations and attributed it to the then new British exterior minister, David Milliband (a Jew who has been keen to show his pals in Israel that he's their man).

This latest episode is just the latest in a sequence of tit-for-tat bitching that began, not surprisingly, within a week of Milliband's appointment to the position. It's yet another example of the way in which a host country's interests are subordinated to those of its unwanted and most troublesome minority, the Jews. It is to be hoped that ordinary Russians will recognize the TRUE source of this antipathy, just as Putin and his government already does.

But this rancor is simply the way it is with the members of the Tribe of Abraham. Since the dawn of time, all they have ever done is set people at each other's throats; generating ill-feeling and bad blood between folks who could, without their constant interference, easily co-exist in peace. It is yet another good reason (if any more were needed) why the Jews must be removed from ALL positions of public influence around the world, for all time.

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