Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Great Debasers

Currencies, precious metals, base metals, the coinage, culture, morals, manners, standards; you name it: they've debased it. Not only that, but they've poisoned our minds and the minds of our children. There was a time when THEY were satisfied with simply poisoning our wells. No longer, however. Over 70 years unchallenged have emboldened them. THEY never could leave it alone. THEY never could see when enough was enough. THEY could never ever see when their ass was showing. It's their fundamental flaw. It has always brought them to ruin; time and time again. Much as they'd like to believe otherwise, this time around it's no different from before. A massive pogrom is approaching; a REAL Holocaust.

Once again they're sowing the seeds of their own destruction. I don't even need to state to whom I refer, do I? You all know. And so do THEY. And not only that, but deep down inside, even THEY know I'm right. THEY know their shortcomings. Yet THEY simply can't stop. THEY just can't. It's hard-wired into their genes to press on, on, on. Rather like lemmings. THEY know they're heading for their ultimate demise, but THEY just can't stop themselves. This is the way THEY are constructed. THEY simply can't help it. and in the Internet Age, this will prove to be their FINAL undoing.

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