Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Word to the Wise...

These comments are addressed primarily to Curt and Apollonian.

It cannot have escaped even the most unastute of reader's notice that the two of you have fallen out big time. This is sad and regrettable. When folks who are batting for the same team fall out publicly and resort to viscerally ill-willed name-calling, it only ever benefits our common enemy and does nothing but harm to our cause. This blog was set up in response to Frank Weltner's inspiring 'call to arms' on Jew Watch in which he was at pains to insist that we all act in a PROFESSIONAL manner. The kind of insults that are currently being traded are grist to the Jewish mill; a gift to those who have advanced their interests, and continue to do so, by means of their primordial, instinctive doctrine of divide and rule. It's a lesson for us all in how NOT to behave. I have been forced to watch passively while this sorry episode unravels before my eyes with horror and disbelief. Gentlemen, in the interests of our noble, vital and common cause, (pretty-please-with-sugar-on-it) KINDLY DESIST.


apollonian said...

Serve The Truth First And Most Above All--Don't Worry About Anything Else
(Apollonian, 7 Sep 08)

Phaedrus, good comrade, I do feel for u and ur disappointment, but hey, u should never, ever worry about the inexorable course of truth. Let truth have its way about things and we're all BEST served in and for all things, never doubt, and never lose courage or confidence.

And otherwise, don't doubt the cause regarding white folk and truth against Jews and Jew lies and conspiracy is FAR GREATER than a couple of advocates--for that's what we are comrade Phaedrus, mere soldiers and advocates for and against regarding all the various topics and subject-matters that are categorized under large heading of truth (or not).

If u ck'd my latest entry in appropriate blog, below, "A Message...," 30 Aug, u'll see some interesting things were accomplished. Maynard accused me of conspiring against him, WITH NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER, by nefarious means and inserting crap which he allegedly inadvertantly published without reading and ck-ing--so that's one lesson learned: READ WHAT U PUBLISH.

It also tells u about Maynard's accusations regarding other good patriots like Hal Turner (, Bill White (, and the good soul at too.

Maynard then insisted I should have been "grateful"--so it's lesson for anyone who deals w. Maynard how he imagines himself in relation therewith. Maynard desperately needed a little humility--I hope I was able to help for that.

And comrade Phaedrus, u should consider what Maynard is really all about--don't fail to note how concerned he is for increasing his "traffic," practically above anything/everything else.

CONCLUSION: Finally good comrade Phaedrus: I wouldn't worry about "professional manner"--JUST DO WHAT'S MOST EFFECTIVE for reader interest and information--DON'T WORRY ABOUT KIBUTZERS who allege and opine about what they THINK is "professional"--serve the truth first and most above all--readers will understand. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what Phaedrus, you go ahead and suck apollonian's dick, I'm done with the both of you. I didn't like the tone of an apology to Curt Maynard, and you know goddamn well what I mean. Fuck the both of you.

apollonian said...

"Anon" Should Take Quick Dip
(Apollonian, 10 Sep 08)

Hey "anon"--I wonder what in the nell u ever thought u had to do with me--I don't know who u might be--though u sound like that girly-man Curt Maynard who already said what he thought. So u must be some kind of a nut-case, eh?

And Phaedrus just has a blog here where u post comments, as I do occasionally--what did u think this is anyway? So u should just go and jump into the nearest lake, comrade. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

[Below is my commentary in response to blog-postings which were copied fm, "You Just Can't Keep...," 2 Sep 08. A.]

Apollonian Emphasizes Reason And Context Of Things Historical, Aesthetic, Etc.
(Apollonian, 10 Sep 08)

Below-copied are comments fm Curt Maynard's latest blog (see above cite) regarding "criticism" of articles I've written. So these poor creatures pretend they couldn't understand them--I don't consider that my fault, really.

I do believe Maynard is lying at least a little bit, though I am willing to believe he is one of those hurried and harried sort who has difficulty understanding certain stuff as it gets a little abstract. I also think "Fr. John" character is quite a liar too. It (such criticism) does make me think--how then would I characterize myself and writings?--it isn't difficult.

Thus I defend white race by means of defining and expounding the culture--and I emphasize how things racial and political fit in with the large history and socio-biology, esp. CYCLIC in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. So one sees I might be a little abstract for some. Hey, no one forces u to read my stuff--if u can't hack it, u don't gotta read it, u know?

And I emphasize theology, hence aesthetics, as it affects politics, but given this theology, I stress especially RATIONALISM, rejecting mysticism. Thus I pt. out how Christianity defends such rationalism and objectivity against Jew mysticism, lying, hubris, subjectivism, and hystericism--and then specifically, Jew secret weapon moralism-Pharisaism.

Maynard is pathetically mistaken, the poor, stupid shit, as usual when he lies (so pathetically, though he probably doesn't mean to) and avers I attacked Rense (, evidently)--I never, ever mentioned Rense, practically ever, anywhere (I never read Rense unless I see it on or

And of course, Maynard is simply a brainless ignorant moron when he goes on about "threats," Maynard not knowing what he's talking about. I must say I've quite over-estimated Curt Maynard who is a true weakling, I must say, the poor, little, stupid bastard.

Yes, Maynard agreed to post some of my articles at first, and then, eager correspondent as I was and still am, I lobbied emphatically for many following stories, articles, and essays of mine to be published which Maynard agreed to do, and which I duly appreciated. Little did I realize Maynard, the stupid punk, wanted worship and adulation. Life sure sucks, doesn't it?

I only criticised Jew, Mike Rivero (, maybe once or twice, very mildly.

But most notably, I really criticised Rivero's Jew buddy, Les Visible (, pretty thoroughly once--and Maynard, the cowardly pussy, wouldn't publish it even in his blog comments section, at which pt. I commented in passing to Bill White ( that Maynard was "playing the girl."

So to hell w. Maynard. Maynard didn't like it (above), and then he decided to confront me as he did on Phaedrus's blog, "A Message...," 30 Aug 08--the rest is history. I used to have an archive of stuff at, but when I ck there now I get an error msg, so I guess I have to look into that.

Regarding the last poster, copied below, "White Will," let it be understood clearly I absolutely oppose Mysticism and socialism as of Dr. William Pierce, of whom I'm severe critic. Note "White Will," the ignorant scum, can't even spell my name right, the piece-of-shit. So that's my response to the light-weights and liars copied-below. I actually have an exchange w. the "James" character saved somewhere in my own archives; maybe I can dredge it up sometime.

In summary, and again, I'll merely note struggle against Jew is strictly socio-biologic, having nothing to do w. child's "good-evil," and I stress the intellectual consideration of things, including esp. aesthetic and theologic (again), and in context of history and CYCLIC phase of things. White race became too over-populated, and now it's being REDUCED by means of a parasite disease-of-opportunity, called Jews, which Jews make use of lies/fraud/counterfeiting/conspiracy, etc. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


Anonymous said...
It's nice to know that Apollonian is considered a bizarrity by others. I began my blog to look at racial realities, and the position of the historic Church, both before the Schism of 1054, and after. Soon after I began, I got these bizarre articles. 'Mr. A' was all sweetness and light, until I deleted comments, he turned on me like a pit bull feeling his oats. I thought it was me, or something. Thanks for the clarification.

-Fr. John
September 8, 2008 10:06 PM

James said...
Oh boy! As my first comment on the new blog, let me chime in on Apollonian. God....I thought he must be a friend of you people or something, so I stayed clear of a confrontation but really.....have any of you ever read such disjointed, rambling bullshit in your lives? I couldn't follow his train of thought, IF THERE EVER WAS ONE, for more than a paragraph or two and even then, I was left scratching my head saying, "WTF did he say"? I finally just started skipping anything with his name on it. Thank the sweet Lord he is history.
As for teeming up with every cretin who hates Jews......I'm with you Curt. We know who our people are....and in which group we belong. Anyone who wants to be an ally, mind their manners and hold up their end of the struggle, will get no grief from me. I am not however, into tossing all my racial and cultural identity to fight the Jewish threat. I think that would please them to no end. Let the coloreds fight them their way, we whites can definitely hold up our end. I hope I speak for most of us here when I say...
September 9, 2008 5:48 PM

Anonymous said...
RE apollonians articles.

They never made any sense to me, but he was such an insistent little bitch that I posted a few in the beginning. I attempted to extract some meaning from his ramblings in the beginning, but gave up back in 2006.

After that, I skimmed them in order to verify that the snivelling cunt hadn'y inserted a threat that I wasn't aware of, but even that became quite a laborious chore towards the end.

Then the prick began attacking Rense and Micheal Rivero, two people he knew posted my articles and gave me the majority of the traffic coming into my blog. At that point I quit posting his shit, it wasn't missed, not a single reader ever4 asked me what had become of apollonian. In short, nobody missed him and nobody cared that he was gone.

September 9, 2008 9:33 PM

White Will said...
It's good to see you're still throwing bait despite those who would censor you, Curt.

I only visited your old blog once. I distinctly remember reading some sort of crap there from this Appalonia character and saying to myself at the time, "What a complete waste of my time reading this drivel from this idiot is. Would Dr. Pierce provide a platform for the enemy like this?"

To a race-thinker all else is subordinate to the primacy of race. A consistent message that emphasizes preservation of our gene pool and habitat ahead of all else is inviolable.

I've never understood why extending "free speech" to one's enemy is beneficial. That only tends to confuse and demoralize those you wish to attract.

Here's hoping henceforth you'll cull and cull hard those who wish to use your platform to influence our people.

September 10, 2008 6:09 AM


apollonian said...

[Commentary by Apollonian, in below text, capped, bracketed. A.]

curt maynard said...
""I'm kinda wondering, Apollonian is all over the damned net. Does he have a blog himself or does he just go to other peoples?"

"Apollonian does not, nor has ever had his own blog. He spends an inordinate amount of his time fomenting division among WNs on any blog that'll allow his rants. [NOTE MAYNARD SPEAKS PRESUMPTUOUSLY, "FOMENTING DIVISION"--ACTUALLY I JUST SPEAK MY MIND, EXPOUNDING MY OPINION--AS I'VE DONE HERE ON JAMES'S BLOG.]

"Bear in mind what I've said about him "inserting threats" into his comments which are long, boring and difficult [impossible] [AGAIN, THE QUESTION ARISES AS TO WHY ANYONE WOULD PUBLISH SUCH TEXT IN FIRST PLACE. AND NOTE MAYNARD GIVES NOT THE SLIGHTEST SMIDGEN OF EVIDENCE FOR HIS TYPICALLY HYSTERICAL ACCUSATIONS.]

" understand - they're so long, boring and incomprehensible, that most people just allow them, rather than attempt to read the shit, enabling him to get a threatening comment on a blog, which can then be used at a later time to shut said blog down. [THIS IS SO INTERESTING, SUCH A LONG, RAMBLING ASSERTION, WITH NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER. IT ACTUALLY CONSTITUTES A GROSS LIE, TRUTH BE TOLD. MAYNARD IS A SAD CASE, TRULY.]

"Apollonian reminds me of the Jew Peter Seller's characxter Chance Gardener in the Jew movie "Being There." [MAYNARD REMINDS ME OF AN HYSTERICAL, SCREECHING FEMALE BABBLING FALSE, IMAGINARY ACCUSATIONS.]

"Everyone thinks Chance is a genius because he's quiet and utters simple statements in simple ways, I.e. "The sky is blue." Oooh ahh go the lemmings, he must be brilliant like Einstein the plagerer as opposed to the idiot he in fact was all along. [WELL, I SAW THE MOVIE TOO, AND ACTUALLY THE DEAR MAN (PLAYED BY SELLERS) IMPRESSED PEOPLE BY HIS AT-PEACE-WITH-HIMSELF, SIMPLE MANNER. MAYNARD IS THE PRETENTIOUS, GOSSIPPY ARBITER WHO REPORTS TO JEW MIKE RIVERO ( ALL ABOUT "WHITE NATIONALISTS" AS IF HE REALLY KNOWS ANYTHING. TRUTH IS MAYNARD CAN BARELY SPELL, AND I'M SURE RIVERO IS QUITE ENTERTAINED BY MAYNARD THE EFFUSIVE LITTLE SCUTTLE-BUTT.]

"Apollonian's rants aren't the work of an intellectual, but instead a mental midget with an agenda, [ANYONE CAN CK MY ABOVE TEXT TO SEE I SPEAK SUBSTANTIALLY AND FORTHRIGHTLY, LIKE A WHITE MAN--NOT AN HYSTERICAL FEMALE, LIKE MAYNARD.]

" agenda that has been handed to him by someone willing to finance an otherwise worthless excistence. [WELL, THE ONLY WAY WE CAN TELL FOR SURE IS TO LOOK AT MY ACTUAL WORK--WHICH THEN IS HERE AT JAME'S BLOG FOR ALL TO SEE. LET PEOPLE MAKE THEIR OWN APPRAISALS.]


"...unemployed mediocre collecing disabilty and a small check from the SPLC every month." [YES CURT MAYNARD, THE GIRLY-MAN--BUT DO U HAVE THE SLIGHTEST EVIDENCE FOR ANYTHING U SAY?]
September 23, 2008 4:47 PM

curt maynard said...
"Oh yes, anyone that posts his dribble is a "good comrade," but just like a Jew he flies into fits of rage when you actually begin reading his meaningless shit and deleting his commentary." [ACTUALLY, I ONLY MOST RESENT IT WHEN/IF SOMEONE POSTS SOMETHING AGAINST ME, BUT THEN DOESN'T LET ME RESPOND--THAT'S WHAT'S MOST FRUSTRATING. AT GIRLY-MAN MAYNARD'S, FOR EXAMPLE, HE'S REALLY EFFEMINATE AS TO WHO HE ALLOWS TO POST COMMENTARY--EVEN WHEN HE SLANDERS SOMEONE, LIKE ME, WHO'S NOT ALLOWED TO RESPOND.]
September 23, 2008 4:48 PM

apollonian said...

"Do not force me to turn on you as well. Such would be a useless fight that you picked yourself.
Be on your way." -James, September 24, 2008 3:27 AM

* * * * *

James: Most Eloquent White Nigger
(Apollonian, 24 Sep 08)

James (see, "White Faith," 22 Sep 08): consider urself "forced," punk. I wonder what u think is ur credibility now, u little bastard, that ur big brother, Maynard, is so dis-credited--ck, "Curt Maynard...," 23 Sep 08.

James, u brainless piece-of-shit, I note fm above, according to ur own statement, u're supposedly into "thinking" ("My biggest gripe with whites is , in the aggregate, THEY DO NOT THINK."--8:31 am, 23 Sep, "White Faith" blog).

But then later, a little further on, u essentially lie when u say, "I cannot follow the Jesus shit and the stuff about the Jews not being the Jews" (4:31 pm, 23 Sep).

For first, if u can't "follow," then it might be because, quite simply, u're just a stupid son-of-a-bitch, right?

For I never, ever said "Jews weren't Jews," u idiot. Further, ur incompetent paraphrase actually constitutes a lie, only mitigated by fact u're such an ignorant, stupid son-of-a-bitch.

U say u're "college-educated"?--perhaps u attended a class for a while, but u never got a degree, did u?--u lying, deceptive, pretentious, little bastard. U're just a white nigger urself, aren't u?--u scummy, brainless, little punk.

I note u failed to publish my earlier notification upon Maynard's uncovering for his mestizo wife and progeny, u scummy little coward. But u knew that would make u look too stupid, didn't u?

And note same dis-credit goes to all ur scummy comrades, "Laura fm Dallas," "Orion," the little cretin, and "Voir Dire" the filthy whore in favor of "good-evil." I have greatest pleasure in having a most excellent all-serving laugh upon all of u, all at same time. Death to u puke.

What's wrong w. white race?--too many stupid, smug scum like u brainless filth, that's what; u all need to die so white race can begin to recover. U're very picture of white trash, over-populated white scum, deadwood which needs clearing away in order for the healthy volk to thrive.

It's so touching, I must observe, that dip-shits like urselves imagine u're capable of helping the race when u urselves are such failures.

What kind of a stupid puke are u, actually?--I'll tell u: U're sort who are actually happy white race is in such difficulties as it gives u opportunity to babble ur hubristic, smarmy bullshit.

"James," the puke actually thinks he's really original with his stupidity--surely another race-mixer who wants to go easy on the Jews. Birds of the "feather" tend to flock together (as w. Maynard), don't they?

And observe James the punk, with his "be on ur way" bullshit. Punk, I do what I pls--didn't u know?--and rubbing it in for scummy shit like u, James, is one of the consolations of present racial straits, isn't it?

I laugh in ur punk face comrade James, for yes, I'm forced to be humble at times, but once in a while I get to have fun, don't I?--as now when all u utterly brainless morons look sooooo stupid, fans and followers of Curt Maynard, race-mixer, mighty defender of white race--ha.

One thing I'll sure say for u James, u ignorant little bastard: u express urself well and actually rather eloquently for the brainless little moron u really are. Whites "in the aggregate don't think," do they?--so would that be something like an idiot like u?

Indeed, u're very picture of what's wrong w. white race--a complete, pompous, babbling little dip-shit who actually knows so little, but yet has the cheek to comment upon whites who "don't think."

I really like the following fm u: "...what you are saying is beyond me and I cannot make heads or tails of it. [JAMES--THAT'S BECAUSE U'RE SIMPLY A STUPID SON-OF-A-BITCH, DUMBASS.]

"If I can't understand it, a decently educated, [JAMES, U'RE ACTUALLY A CASE OF A TYPICALLY "NIGGER-EDUCATED" WHITE NIGGER, AREN'T U?]



"...what chance do you have of convincing your average Joe Six Pack? [MY STUFF ONLY WORKS WITH HONEST WHITE PEOPLE, NOT POMPOUS, PATRONIZING, LITTLE BASTARDS LIKE URSELF.]


CONCLUSION: So in closing, comrade James, yes of course I'll continue along my chosen path--I just wanted to be sure to spitting in ur punk face before I moved on to the next dialectic adventure. Wolf's Press--where the white niggers hang out. Have a nice day, morons. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

Interesting New Info On Maynard
(Apollonian, 23 Sep 08)

James (see, "Our First...," 23 Sep 08): I must say I'm a little disappointed in u as white man--just a tad--inasmuch as u neglect to publish my rebuttal of Maynard's latter two posts (on "White Faith" blog) which I hadn't seen till just after I posted the last u published of mine which was merely reply to Maynard's of 12:55 pm (again, on ur "White Faith").

Of course it's ur blog; u can do anything u pls, but I submit it isn't fair publishing Maynard's attacks without my being able to respond--which u admit I should have right to do (6:43 pm, 23 Sep, "White Faith" blog).

Since u refused to publish my rebuttals, I went ahead and posted at, "A Word...," 7 Sep 08.

And I guess this moderate complaint of mine is what Maynard was talking about when he said "...he flies into fits of rage..." (4:48 pm, 23 Sep, "White Faith" blog).

There's lately some interesting info on Maynard at the, "Curt Maynard...," 23 Sep 08: MAYNARD IS (evidently) MARRIED TO A MEXICAN. It might not otherwise be sure the info--except Bill White quite perceptively connects Maynard's middle name, "Boone," fm earlier text submitted by Maynard himself on the VNNF forum site (again, see

CONCLUSION: If true about Maynard, this is absolutely most outstanding DETECTIVE work by Bill White, for which he deserves considerable credit. And this info on Maynard would then explain his otherwise amazing hystericism--and outright LYING--regarding my alleged colluding with Jews at Google Blogger. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

September 24th, 2008 at 10:27 pm
[Just below-copied taken fm, latest blog, "Apollonian...." A.]

Anonymous said…
“LOL, I knew if you gave him enough time his true self would emerge. apollonian is a legend in his own mind. There seems to be little doubt in my mind any longer that he’s an ASSWIPE, one of Bill White’s boys in the ANSWP.
“I’m enjoying Bill White’s latest, it’ll be funny to see what the future holds for him in respect to his latest “expose.”"
September 24, 2008 4:33 PM

Wolf’s Press said…
“”LOL, I knew if you gave him enough time his true self would emerge.”
“This has to be Curt. Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I gave him the boot in the first place. I wanted to see how he’d handle it. As you can see, it was the only button I needed to push to bring him out. I was wary of him all along but I figured I’d see where he took it. Mother fucker gives me the creeps.
“It’s a good thing he wasn’t within arms length when I read this diatribe. No man would talk to me like that to my face and walk away unmolested. I can guar-on-fuckin -tee you that!
“I’m probably going to erase this post after everyone has had ample time to see it and place their comment if desired. I don’t like the smell of his shit stinking up my blog. The trolls comment is still recorded in an earlier post, so it will still be here for reference, just not in everyone’s face. Mine in particular.
“He just had to be exposed again and I wanted everybody to see it!
September 24, 2008 5:01 PM

* * * * *

Curt Maynard: White-Mestizo “Nationalist”–But Really Just A White Nigger
(Apollonian, 24 Sep 08)

Above is latest dialectic fm the white niggers, Maynard and “James” fm just a few minutes ago. I suspect Alex Linder/VNN also chimed in under name, “Jeebus on my mind…,”, “Apollonian…,” 24 Sep 08.

This is incredible, good, revealing sociology comrades, for observe the kind of “racial consciousness” we have fm supposed “white nationalists” like Maynard, et al. For these are white niggers who pretend to be for “white” people–BUT THEY THINK IT’S OKAY FOR MESTIZOS TO BE “WHITE.”

So for them–being for “white” people includes mestizos. Personally, I now understand much better why these total morons would comment to one another that they couldn’t understand my dialectic–THEY DON’T WANT TO.

Now I begin to understand the effrontery of these shits and total morons who pretend to being offended at MY PRESUMPTION, imagining a racial loyalty EXCLUSIVE of mestizos–these idiots can’t understand it–too “racist,” evidently.

And now we see Curt Maynard’s brand of “white nationalism”–it includes mestizos–except of course for the ones he personally doesn’t like, evidently–the ones (mestizos) he likes are okay though, u see.

Thus we see the great tremendous advance of present journalistic art of BLOGGING whence we’re afforded most sublime dialectic insight and extended discourse/analysis–far better than any imaginable Freudian-style “psycho-analysis,” as we get explicit, conscious statements straight fm the “horses’ mouths” themselves.

CONCLUSION: Observe again, how we expose these creatures of mestizo-friendly mentality–thanks to incredible good detective work fm Bill White–and they call me, for one, “zionist agent provocateur,” no less. Such is the mestizo mentality of white niggers, I swear. It’s like revelation fm God, almost. And these mestizos are so proud I’ve been “exposed”…. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

Curt Maynard's "White Nationalism"--Includes Mestizos--But What About Mulattos?
(Apollonian, 24 Sep 08)

Hey Ken (see, "Let's Hurry...," 23 Sep 08): have u seen latest Curt Maynard revelations? Ck, "Curt Maynard...," 23 Sep 08.

Maynard, as u surely know, pretends to "white nationalism." Only thing, we find out lately is, evidently, such "white" now includes mestizos--what a revelation, eh?--it explains a lot of things to me, anyway.

CONCLUSION: Maynard is presently continuing to brazen it out (as we see by his latest post at, "Apollonian...," 24 Sep 08)--I guess he's going to be leader of an entire branch of his own "white nationalism." So my question is, if it includes mestizos, does it also include mulattos? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian