Saturday, September 13, 2008

Will our taxes replenish the coffers of Lehman Brothers?

Phaedrus is well aware that there are discussions (supposedly) taking place right now between Lehmans and a consortium led by Bank of America, to try to salvage this, the fourth largest Jewish investment bank in the US from the all-out collapse it so richly deserves.

However, the fact remains that should such a private buyout rescue deal fail, then once again (illegally) the Government may wind up shelling out our hard-earned tax-dollars to prop up this miserable, monolithic monument to craven greed and stupidity, when the average American home-owner enjoys no such safety net. Curious, isn't it? Typically, in a normal country with some degree of social insurance, it is the poorest and most at risk that enjoy such protection. Only in the USA can it apply the other way around and provide a safety net for the super-rich. How utterly perverse!

This is, as regular readers who have informed themselves will know, unmistakably indicative of Jews calling the shots over the wishes of hard-pressed American people. The "Entitled Ones" whose Holy Book tells them that WE (you and me) are only put here as beasts of burden for their exploitation; we have no property rights and must render up to the Jews everything we own when called upon to do so. That is their Talmudic belief and we have to suffer lawmakers on Capitol Hill who appear perfectly happy to go along with this twisted belief system, too.

So if the current rescue talks fail and Bush says, "Lehman Brothers is just too big to be allowed to fail; we gotta support it." then you will know that YOU are going to foot the bill for it. Not only YOU, but since we're already in debt up to our eyeballs, your children, your children's children, and your children's children's children! America's Jews have got everything sown up REAL tight! They certainly ARE enslaving us all, just as their so-called Holy Book predicted.


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Germany urges US to find Lehman Brothers solution
Saturday September 13, 9:23 am ET
Germany urges US to find solution for Lehman Brothers crisis before Asian markets reopen

NICE, France (AP) -- Germany called on U.S. authorities Saturday to find a solution for crisis-hit bank Lehman Brothers before Asian markets reopen for trading early Monday.
U.S. officials have so far talked down a government rescue for the country's fourth-largest investment bank, which is racing to find a buyer to raise badly needed money it lost on bad bets on real estate holdings.

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