Friday, September 19, 2008

The Corporate Communists buy themselves more time - with OUR money!

Everyone should be familiar with the ethos behind today's Corporate Communism by now: everybody's equal, except that SOME are rather more equal than others. "Those who are equal" means the residents of main street; those that are MORE equal, on the other hand, are the Wall Street Players. Deals that go well and turn a profit are booked down privately to the Players' account; deals that go sour and lose money are booked down to the taxpayers' and heaped onto the National Debt. The Fed can always print more dollars and boy, aren't they always doing so!

So it was confirmed in Nancy Pelosi's proud announcement yesterday that the Zionist money men from the Fed and the upper strata of the 'Financial Community' had reached a consensus approach that will "insulate Wall street from main street." - and so it is - but NOT in the way we would justifiably expect! The average Joe would take this phrase to mean that main street was going to be shielded from Wall Street's self-inflicted idiocy and ordinary folks would therefore be spared from their greed and largess. This technique of the 'implied statement' is one of our politician's most recent inventions. Bush himself uses it frequently, so always read between these phony lines!

Unfortunately for us, it REALLY works the OTHER way around. Want proof? Just see how the markets have joyously reacted in the space of just 12hrs. The champaign corks have really been popping in trading rooms on both sides of the Atlantic! Pelosi was right: Wall street's losses have successfully been shifted once again onto the taxpayers and their children for generations to come, freeing the Players to get back to making profits for the plutocrats once more whist the rest of us Plebs pick up the ever-lengthening tab for their limitless greed and kleptomania.

Phaedrus suggests they enjoy the fruits of their latest THEFT whilst they can, for they are only in reality buying time. The eventual crash isn't going away; not a chance. Even if the great American public remains too lazy and ignorant to do anything right now over this latest outrageous RIP-OFF, they won't have any choice but to finally get up off their butts in due course when the derivatives market collapses taking EVERYTHING else with it. So let the fraudsters, shysters, counterfeiters and their cronies enjoy their respite while they can, for it simply ain't gonna last...!

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captain jack aubrey said...

Americans today are told that their children have no more right to this country than the child of someone from Guadalajara or Guangdong. Why die for such a place? No one washes a rental car, no one bleeds for a rental country....

It was always a dumb idea to try to suggest that you could strengthen a First World economy with a Third World population - a bit like that John Belushi video where he's an Olympic champion who breakfasts on chocolate donuts and Marlboros.

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