Sunday, September 7, 2008

These Evil Madmen MUST be removed before they start YET ANOTHER Major War

We refer here, of course, to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney - their immediate removal from office being of the UTMOST urgency. They SHOULD have been impeached as soon as their complicity in the attacks of 9/11 became apparent. How can such committed, psychopathic enemies of the American People be permitted to remain at the helm of this formerly great nation - which yet remains nuked-up to the eyeballs - whilst they contrive ever more odious mayhem against blameless innocents at home and abroad? We simply cannot stand idly by and watch them pointedly and repeatedly provoke Russia (with potentially deadly consequences for us all) over that two-bit, Jew-infested pseudo-entity in the Middle East, "Israel" - for that is ultimately what this gunboat diplomacy off the Black Sea coast is all about.

Bush and Cheney have contrived one pointless, futile and costly conflict after another since getting their treasonous butts ensconced in the White House 8 years ago. The damage they have done abroad and at home has been incalculable, and brought the American people NO BENEFIT WHATSOEVER. Everything is being orchestrated by and for the benefit of the parasite 'state' of Israel - our 'special ally' in the region. Some "ally" this is, which has over many decades bent over backwards to drag America into any and every strategic conflict that might benefit them (the Jews) and their business interests which are heavily invested in armaments and munitions and need a constant supply of cannon fodder American youth to generate a lucrative return for those evil entities who profit from the squandered blood of others.

It's high time our military personnel AT ALL LEVELS educated themselves about foreign policy and exactly what drives it. It's high time these soldiers from the lowest ranks to the highest, made a serious effort to do some research for themselves to establish the TRUTH about this unending slaughter and how they, the best of our young people, are exploited with callous, utter ruthlessness for the sake of mollifying the insatiable hunger for power and money that these vile parasites can evidently never get enough of. Bush and Cheney MANUFACTURE conflicts wherever and whenever they please for their own personal gain and the enrichment of their Jewish cronies - and our soldiers have to pay for this endless greed with their very blood. Isn't it time the armed services woke up to the manner in which they're being duped into believing they're fulfilling some 'patriotic duty' - and have been ever since the Jews slimed their way into the US government?

Phaedrus appeals to everyone and anyone who may come across this item in whatever form it may be found after this initial publication, to do everything in their power to ensure that this message and others like it get read by the brave young men and women under arms who have NO IDEA that they are being ruthlessly exploited by FOREIGN agents with FOREIGN interests who have NO thought whatsoever for the suffering they are causing to innocent people both at home and abroad. Israel is NOT our ally - it is and always has been our WORST ENEMY OF ALL TIME. The Jews have practiced their deceit against the American people now for generations and all we have to show for it is hundreds of thousands of graves and a bankrupt economy where criminal immigrants enjoy more rights and freedoms under the law than the rest of us put together.

The time is fast approaching when elements of the armed forces of the US are going to have to decide where their loyalties truly lie: with their OWN people and the Constitution they have sworn to defend (against enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC) - or else the Jewish/Internationalist cabal currently fronted by a sicko president and his unaccountably taciturn side-kick. So come on, guys and girls in uniform; privates, sergeants, colonels and generals: where does YOUR loyalty lie and when you have made up your minds, WHEN are you going to ACT to remove these grubby, sordid TRAITORS from their long-enjoyed positions of disastrously-misplaced public trust??


apollonian said...

Grim Business Of Historical Cyclic Culmination Requires Patience, Honesty--Not Pharisaist "Good" Which Doesn't Exist
(Apollonian, 8 Sep 08)

Phaedrus, u know I agree in sentiment with all u say (except the part about "evil," of course), but it's hard to see how a unified opposition can solidify--the only possible hope is in a kind of underground new, radical Christian movement much like original Christian heroes as of early 4th cent. Roman empire.

These new Christian radicals would have to recognize HERETICS who pose as "Christians," like Hagee, Robertson and Graham, who suck-along w. Jews, pretending Jesus was "Jew," hence Talmudist (see,, and for best expo on Talmud).

New, radical Christians would have to understand themselves as absolute ANTI-SEMITES above all. But how would new Christians guard against heresy?--like against "good-evil" Pelagian heresy, when even Phaedrus himself falls for it?

Hence then problem would seem to be insoluble. Of course it would have to be a Christianity which was also perfectly rational too, so that heresy could be detected and dis-armed--as "good-evil" heresy would be refuted (lack of criterion thereto).

Meantime things must continue to degenerate as nothing can be done as long as there remain gentiles so willing to co-operate w. Jews through heresy--like Pelagian "good-evil" delusion/madness. Thus CYCLIC history must continue to CULMINATE towards rock-bottom of Cycle, whence HONESTY and Truth will pick-up from the ashes and bones of "good-evil" disaster of delusion, addiction, obsession, and heresy.

Further, Jews, now over-populated vis-a-vis gentiles, now practically exterminated, will have to more seriously fall-out against one another allowing few remaining gentiles left a breathing spell by which to recover, to re-group, and thence to resurge fm "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Such is way grim history culminates in CYCLIC behavior. Gentiles can only be patient and watchful for their chances/opportunities.

U Phaedrus must make a decision: (a) would u rather feel "good" about things in Pharisaist self-righteousness, pretending u're better than "evil" people?--or (b) would u prefer to be HONEST and seeing ur people live and survive in reason and truth without hubristic, Pharisaistic, self-righteousness, pretending u're like God with a perfectly "free" will, able to achieve non-existent "good"?

CONCLUSION: White people have to get over insane, suicidal obsession/addiction with hubris and "good" which doesn't exist. Enemies of white volk are not "evil"--they're simply insane and psychopathic, and sanity requires HONESTY, not Pharisaist self-righteousness and pretending to "good." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

[Here's more on the hereticalist theme within present hist. circumstances. A.]

Function Of Cyclic History Entails Fear, Stupidity, Heresy Of Over-Populated Conditions, Context
(Apollonian, 9 Sep 08)

Things socio-biologic (see are made most clear when one understands full context of WORLD ALREADY WAY TOO OVER-POPULATED, this being circumstance of such horrific 9-11 mass-murder.

Thus people already know inferiors, enough of them, GOTTA GO--they're going to be "expended," one way or another--and 9-11 is good way as any to start grim process of extermination.

So one sees with excess stupid people, FEAR RULES, in general, and 9-11 is merely past history. Heresy, built upon "good-evil" fallacy/delusion, is what rules minds of excess stupid people--like author, Allen L. Roland (see, "Are Americans Afraid..." 9 Sep 08).

Note then "good-evil" necessarily breeds (a) Pharisaism and self-righteousness, (b) GUILT as necessary element, currency of "thought," such as it is, (c) Fear and Terror in general as overall product, emotionally.

For "good-evil" makes no sense--as in lacking meaning, definition, and criterion--but stupid people don't care. After all, stupid people are stupid precisely as they can't think and analyze for such meaning, definition, or criterion--huh?

So just remember overall socio-biologic circumstances: (a) excess over-population of stupid people who (b) are controlled/manipulated by means of HERESY, guilt, fear, etc., NEVER REASON, or logic, or serious science.

Thus present historic CYCLE requires a great KILL-OFF/die-off--like for the old Dinosaurs. And when this kill-off starts to seriously get going, at some pt. Christian heroes speaking and practicing according to TRUTH and HONESTY (as Gosp. JOHN), rather than "good-evil" heresy, will arise to lead the brave victors, the next CYCLIC progenitors of next historic wave of stupid, hereticalistic, over-populated inferiors and morons. Life sucks, according to Greek Tragedy, only affected by cyclic fluctuation(s).

CONCLUSION: Such are the necessary CYCLIC characteristics historically and socio-biologically according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. It's "elementary, Watson." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Phaedrus: Exploring the Machinations of World Jewry... said...

Apollonian said:

"Phaedrus, u know I agree in sentiment with all u say (except the part about "evil," of course), but it's hard to see how a unified opposition can solidify--the only possible hope is in a kind of underground new, radical Christian movement much like original Christian heroes as of early 4th cent. Roman empire."

I prefer to put my faith in an awakening realization of what is really going on on the part of our armed forces. I would like to see a schism develop in the upper command structure which eventually results in a large part (hopefully the LARGER part) of our service chiefs declaring a coup and removing "our Government" by force of arms and maintaining law and order until such time as a new civilian government can be set up which has the American People as its focus rather than foreign wars, fraud and Israel. After all, it is no more than the Constitution requires and is the DUTY of every serviceman or woman who has ever sworn an oath to it.

Phaedrus: Exploring the Machinations of World Jewry... said...

OH, and BTW, Apollonian, I shall NOT be changing my view on the REALITY OF EVIL. I already done told you that before many times. You have your POV and I have mine. I am as entitled to mine as you are to yours. The question you keep endlessly raising is NOT helping in our common aim against our common enemy ONE IOTA. Please change the record. Best wishes, Ph.

apollonian said...

Phaedrus Must Learn: Lies And Insanity Are Bad And Destructive, NOT GOOD
(Apollonian, 11 Sep 08)

Phaedrus, I understand ur position, I believe. Evidently, u think u can marshall a mass of EMOTION or some-such fm, or in, people in order to all of a sudden solve "the problem," which problem u don't understand.

What u can't and won't see is simply that socio-biologic condition in which there are TOO MANY PEOPLE (gentiles), and God has afflicted us w. simply a new kind of plague--JEWS, or Jew disease--in order to reduce the herd.

See, I see the problem as "Jew-disease" and set about to work like a technician, a scientist, for which that cool-headedness and rationality is necessary condition.

Hence one needs HONESTY--not something made-up and contrived.

Thus I pt. out to u "good-evil" makes no sense--with which u agree, but don't care. So I just don't see how u hope to make progress. U merely indulge ur emotions.

"Good-evil" is for children by which "good" children are obedient; "bad" merely means DIS-obedience, that's all.

I understand ur hope about a military coup--but so does the Jew enemy. Military never changed the bolsheviks--Stalin simply had commisars watching the generals.

And if/when Stalin suspected the officers might revolt--he simply had them all exterminated as in the great "purges" of the late 1930s.

Regardless, the anti-Jew movement must come fm the people, and it's got to resemble the popular conditions of Roman empire, early 4th cent. when Christians and people as whole finally made their decisive move against Jews.

Most tragic is ur "solution" is precisely what Jew wants--irrationalism and mystic wishful thinking regarding "good-evil" which Jews have fed off of and manipulated since 18th cent. Rousseau, Kant, and Eng. Utilitarian surge of Pharisaism-moralism and neo-Pelagianism (heresy).

Rather, I say people must get HONEST, esp. w. themselves and see lies and wishful thinking are DESTRUCTIVE.

Phaedrus, u simply say LIES ARE GOOD and effective; u do the Jews' work for them. I say people must heed truth, hence HONESTY, and should drop this stupid child's bull-shit about "good-evil."

For that's what it comes down to, again: Christian TRUTH and honesty versus Jew conspiracy, lies, and fraud, including self-fraud regarding "good-evil."

"Good-evil" produces: (a) self-righteousness and HUBRIS--the worst thing, according to the Greeks--
(b) GUILT, currency of emotion, ever-present in all one's thought,
(c) thus overall FEAR AND TERROR, which all Jews are presently exploiting so brilliantly, which fear and terror debilitates people fm useful, productive thought.

Observe the general FEAR AND TERROR now is what justifies G.W. Bush and his burgeoning police-state.

CONCLUSION: Only honesty (hence real Christian inspiration) then will be able to dispell these horrific conditions of Jew-disease--esp. "good-evil" delusion which is what Jews most make use of. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian