Monday, September 22, 2008

Who's up for a Tax Rebellion?

Important proposal - please circulate widely!

Why shouldn't WE default, too! Anyone Care to Join Us?

Phaedrus and friends have decided to avail themselves of the increasingly-known fact that it's not compulsory to pay any tax on what you earn. If it's good enough for scheming Jews, it's good enough for us! We urge everyone else to do the same as a protest against the outrageous off-loading of Jewish bankers' massive debts onto ordinary folks like you and me. Back in about 1988, the infamous Jewish fraudstress, Leona Helmsley accurately observed: "Only the little people pay taxes" - before being sent to the slammer for 4 years for drawing attention to this embarrassing little loophole which enables 'those in the know' to put nothing back in the communal pot, yet have their asses supported by the gullible masses when things turn pear-shaped – as they now have, in case you hadn't noticed.

In fact, even if the law is changed in response to a mass tax-revolt, this blogger for one won't be paying a single penny to the US Treasury, even if it costs me a year of my liberty cooped up with a Negro in some shitty prison cell. It might even be a great opportunity to evangelize to the vast Negro prison population and set the record straight about who has REALLY exploited and oppressed them for the last 400 years: the Jews. Now back to the point: this is my vow to the blogosphere: I shall not be paying ONE THIN DIME in income tax for the foreseeable future, as the only meaningful form of peaceful protest against this criminal transfer of money from the innocent middle classes to the cravenly greedy super-rich. Fuck the lot of them to hell and back! Now try making a "write-down" out of that!!

Note: nothing very Revolutionary here being proposed. It's simply a call for some Thoreau-inspired Civil Disobedience on country-wide scale to show the suckers in Washington that they can't just do what the hell they please and that there ARE, AND HAVE TO BE LIMITS to the blatant robbery now being attempted against the people that build this country up, for the benefit of those hell-bent on tearing it down. Withholding our taxes in the face of this criminal enterprise of theirs is the VERY LEAST a patriotic American can do. If you can't even be bothered to do THAT - then we really are FINISHED FOR GOOD.


Greg Bacon said...

Wall Street Plans $38 Billion of Bonuses as Shareholders Lose

Nov. 19, 2007 (Bloomberg) -- Shareholders in the securities industry are having their worst year since 2002, losing $74 billion of their equity.

That won't prevent Wall Street from paying record bonuses, totaling almost $38 billion.

That money, split among about 186,000 workers at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch & Co., Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and Bear Stearns Cos., equates to an average of $201,500 per person, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The five biggest U.S. securities firms paid $36 billion to employees last year.

And from 2006, there's this bit of buccaneering:

It's a Wall Street bonus bonanza

Updated 12/20/2006
NEW YORK — Executives at Wall Street's top financial firms will probably remember this holiday season with particular fondness, as soaring profits cascade down to traders and bankers in the form of multimillion-dollar bonuses.

This year, four of the top five brokerage houses have posted record earnings, paced by Goldman Sachs, where income jumped 68% over 2005.

Even Morgan Stanley, where an ugly internal putsch resulted in the ouster of an autocratic CEO last year, bounced back smartly in 2006, announcing a 51% rise in earnings Tuesday.

Bear Stearns and Lehman Bros. also set records for revenue and earnings.

As a reward for Goldman's blockbuster performance, CEO Lloyd Blankfein received a staggering bonus of $53.4 million this week, the largest ever granted to a Wall Street CEO.

Joining Blankfein in the bonus stratosphere is Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack, who got $40.2 million last week.

Lehman CEO Richard Fuld got a seemingly modest $10.9 million bonus earlier this month. But don't shed any tears for him: Fuld also received a 10-year stock payout worth $186 million.

All told, this year's bonus pool for Wall Street executives hit $23.9 billion, the New York State Comptroller's office estimates. That's a 17% jump from last year's bonus pool of $20.5 billion, and it works out to an average bonus of $137,580 for every person employed in the financial services industry.

And yet, some observers doubt that the big firms can keep breaking one earnings record after another.

"There's a disconnect between the economy and the financial system," says Richard Bove, who tracks the financial services industry for Punk Ziegel. "Income has to be generated somewhere. The financial sector has taken on a life of its own not connected to what's going on in the economy and, ultimately, that has to be addressed."

Notice how the names of those that have imploded, like Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch and Lehman Bros were rewarded the most for their uncanny skills?

Anonymous said...

It is also revealing to discover that Google surpressed this posting on WP from its search results. WTF?? How does anything here, including Greg Bacon's follow-up amount to a breach of Joogle's T&C. It's hardly a hate crime, is it? So much for free speech in America. So much for Joogle.

Anonymous said...