Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why I won't be voting in 2008

There are three potential candidates to choose from at the current time, and NONE of them are worth JACK SHIT. They hail from 'One Party With Two Names.'

Clinton: now unmasked as a bellicose, war-mongering Jew who would be perfectly happy to murder millions of innocent civilians in Iran in an all-out nuclear conflagration, simply in order to curry favor with her Jewish masters in Tel Aviv. What kind of a sick mind could conceive of such an atrocity; much less articulate it publicly into a pledge: "make me your leader and I'll incinerate millions of innocents for my bosses in Israel." No way, Shillary. You're evil, sick in the head, and extremely dangerous indeed.

McCain: thought it amusing to set a Beach Boys song to the words, "bomb, bomb, bomb; bomb, bomb Iran." Again, such a lackadaisical attitude towards the life and death of innocent civilians and once more, a play for Jewish endorsement with the ghoulish, vulture-esque, pro-war Jew, Joe Lieberman permanently at his side, leering at the prospect of the Vice Presidency like some grotesque, dribbling gargolye. No thanks, pal.

Obama: ostensibly a peace-seeker which is somewhat refreshing, but overly preoccupied with the plight of the po' black folks and slavery reparations from Whitey. Also of course, a Negro (never an advantage in my book) with close ties to half the Jewish-owned merchant banks in Wall Street. Likewise tainted by the stain of Big Jewry and consequently totally unsuitable for office.

Can we please have a forth choice on the ballot: "None of the above. Go to hell the lot of you craven, self-seeking, fraudulent, lying, disingenuous, rapacious, pieces of treasonous crypto-Jewish shit."
There. That ought to cover it.


Greg Bacon said...

Hillary's a Zionist whore, no doubt about that.

She would gladly get down on her knees and do a "Monica" on the entire AIPAC lobby if she thought it would help her chance of getting elected.

Since those folks prefer younger meat, she'll perform for them the next best thing to give them that orgasmic release; she promises to nuke Iran into oblivion, which is bound to bring a smile to their lips and give them a wet spot in the britches.

As for McCain, if he's stupid enough to have Joe boy LIEberman as a running mate and wins, within a year, McCain will die a sudden death, no doubt attributed to his age, and Joe Boy will be prez and it's off to WW III we go, fighting to the death for Israel.




Mike M C said...

I voted once in 2008 - in the primary for Dr. Ron Paul. That's it for me.