Sunday, April 27, 2008

The public education system is spying on our children

There have been some suspicious changes to the way our kids are being educated over the last few decades. The most marked has been in the piecemeal lowering of academic standards. What proportion of our young people now read books? I read somewhere it was a miserable 2-3%. This situation is playing out right across the Western world, so once again, it is clearly a co-ordinated move and not mere coincidence. This attack on kids' understanding of the world takes many forms. The most obvious is the 'dumbing down' of the schools' syllabuses; teaching the children less and to a lower standard year-on-year. Another method is watering down exam questions, so it APPEARS children are still doing well when they're most decidedly NOT. Yet another scam is in allocating study periods to garbage/filler subjects which do nothing to improve the students' marketability in career terms. Maths, geography and English lessons are being cut back to facilitate the study of such worthless events as the Holocaust (tm) and the slave trade. I'm sure potential employers find good grades in these novel subjects makes young people far more employable, don't you, reader? They're leaving school semi-literate at best and can't even add-up, yet they can tell you all about how much we owe to the Negro and his fellow sufferer, the Jew. The pattern is pervasive and unmistakable. Western governments do NOT want the public schools to turn out bright, intelligent and capable young people. This may strike some newcomers to conspiracy theories as plain crazy, but it's 100% true and a few hours' research on the internet will confirm it.

Brighter kids who've escaped the horrors of the "no child left behind" initiative and hope to go on to university and the professions fair little better, for the syllabuses THEY are obliged to follow are clearly all about influencing and snooping into their still ripening political beliefs. For example, in Europe over the past few years, an enormous amount of time is given over to discussing immigration and its pros and cons - a suspiciously large amount at that. The teachers seem invariably pro-mass migration and try to instill an appreciation for it in their young charges. French students for their Bacalaureat (an important exam taken at age 18) where told the history of Pakistanis emigrating in large numbers to Britain in the 1960s and asked to write a detailed essay on the matter. Some other students in Holland were given an imaginary scenario to deal with: a young Dutch girl had fallen in love with an illegal immigrant from west Africa and had a child by him. Subsequently, the scenario went on, the Dutch authorities caught up with him and held him in custody pending deportation. The students were asked to write a sympathetic, supportive letter to this imaginary Dutch girl, to help her come to terms with her impending loss. You might think that is a pretty harmless, if goofy, assignment. But you'd be wrong. There is a "spectrum of sympathy" for young women in that position and this assignment (and others like it such as the Pakistan migration above) are designed to elicit the student's personal and private view of immigration and immigrants.

For the sake of illustration, say Student A writes: "Dear ==, I was so horrified to read of your terrible ordeal at the hands of the immigration agency. I can't tell you how sad I feel for you. But please, please don't give up hope. There are a number of legal mechanisms available to get such inhumane decisions appealed and hopefully reversed so please don't despair. I hope that in due course, everything works out well for you both after this awful business is over." Now consider Student B's missive: "Dear ==, I have been informed about your sorry plight and am simply astonished how you got yourself into this terrible mess. What on earth were you doing dating a black man? And an illegal immigrant at that? And now you have a child by him? You must be totally crazy. I'd like to offer you some words of comfort as I wouldn't wish your situation on anyone, but the fact of the matter is that you've behaved very stupidly and are the author of your own misfortune. If you're serious about this guy and he can't stay in Holland, then the only proper thing for you to do is to follow him back to Africa with the baby and make a new life there."

Now these students have both been tricked into betraying their inner views on a very controversial subject, because believe me, the New World Order program revolves around mass movements of people from one part of the globe to another and mass migration on an unprecedented scale is at the very core of it. That seemingly innocuous exercise of letter-writing will have a life-long effect over the careers of both students. Notes will be made of the attitude of every respondent towards migration and any other matter pertinent to the NWO program that the school may have been able to discover. Said notes will be quietly tucked away somewhere until needed, as one day they will - when these future graduate students go out into the big wide world to seek work. Some students are going to find doors always open for them; the others are going to find things very much tougher - all because of some long-forgotten homework assignment of maybe 7 years earlier. In fact student B may NEVER be able to work out why she can't get a break in a secure, well-paid government job with prospects and why the federal and state authorities won't even grant her an interview.

Now this process of secretly eliciting personal political views from school students that I have outlined above, is a long-running one that has been in place for at least 3 decades (in the case of the UK probably more). Consequently, many of the people now in very influential government and local authority positions are the beneficiaries of this deceitful and underhanded snooping. They were the ones who innocently revealed left-wing tendencies very many years ago and now the town halls, the quangos, the newspapers, the TV stations, schools and universities, state and federal offices are crawling with them. There's no chance or coincidence at work here - these people have been SELECTED on account of their 'progressive' Liberal/Internationalist views. This entrenchment of the Liberal/Internationalist cabal in positions of power and influence is one of the biggest obstacles we have to face in our quest to tear-up the New World Order agenda and take America back to its Negro-free, Apple Pie and Doris Day cultural roots. It's going to be a long, tough fight, too. We were all fast asleep until a few years ago whereas these "One-World Schemers" have been drawing their plans against us and working to wipe us out for some 60 years now. Whoever said that "the price of liberty is eternal vigilance" was dead right.

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