Friday, April 4, 2008

Democracy! democracy! democracy! – the call for as long as it suits THEM

It's been fashionable among some 'right wing' blogs to quote from and to post links to a UK newspaper called The Guardian. Presumably this is because said paper is extremely critical of the US administration and has a staff of very plausible journalists who have the knack of explaining complex issues in a comprehensible way which makes them accessible for the average reader to quickly grasp. But there's an ugly side to this seeming beacon of literary liberty, standing proudly as it does in an ocean of Jewish disinformation.

I invite the reader to cast their mind back a few years to the controversial Austrian election of their Freedom Party. After a hard-fought yet fair campaign, the candidate who prevailed, Jörg Haider, was denounced as a hard-line ultra-nationalist; a neo-Nazi no less, and his party as being of the "far right." There were strident and persistent calls for the election result to be declared null and void; for the result to be set aside! Which were among the loudest of these voices? The European Union for one, and The Guardian newspaper for another!

So much then for modern democracy. This unpleasant little episode in European politics reveals a great deal about the nature of today's precious democracy. Even in a civilized, modern, well-informed, mature democracy like Austria's, it's still possible for the electorate to make a 'mistake' and elect the 'wrong' party into power. The 'wrong party' in this case meaning one that's not in step with the inexorable march of the New World Order. And it would be the just the same in America, Britain, Canada and Germany too. Democracy must be defended at all costs - unless the people vote for the 'wrong' party, that is.

A similarly disturbing thing happened with the European Union Constitution. It's rather odd that such a document ever came to be put before the people of Europe in the first place, given that they were constantly reassured by proponents of further European integration that they were not being led down the path towards a Federal Europe! What's a 'European Constitution' if not a Federal document binding all EU countries to the same common principles?? Yet when a few countries rejected the idea, the document's name was simply changed to something less threatening. Europe's Power Elite assured member states leaders that the 'watered down' document no longer required a plebiscite.

There is the most enormous amount of double-dealing and treachery going on around us which must be rooted out, publicly-exposed and punished. Perhaps we can now see why Bush, Brown, Sarkozy, Merkel et al are so keen to push for greater democracy around the world: they have a somewhat different idea of what constitutes 'democracy' than the rest of us. Democracy for THEM is simply a means of having the people rubber stamp some legitimacy on their bullying, threatening, cheating and their endless, illegal foreign invasions. All these traitors who have done so much damage to our countries' reputations abroad need to be publicly tried and executed for High Treason - BEFORE THEY CAN DO ANY FURTHER DAMAGE.

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