Friday, April 11, 2008

Afrocosis Equals Necrosis

The purpose of this blog has never been about bashing Negroes. Such interests are better and more widely served elsewhere on the Net. Phaedrus has taken the view that to some extent, the Negro is, like everyone else on planet earth, a victim of the Jews. HOWEVER.....When tough things need to be said about the po' black folks, you can count on Phaedrus to say them!

It cannot of escaped the attention of any reasonably intelligent person that southern Africa is in a terrible mess right now. I refer principally to Zimbabwe, which epitomizes African 'governance' on the dark continent, but there are many other countries where similar situations have been observed since time immemorial (the Congo, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Rwanda to name but a few) and many others where afrocosis is in the ascendancy (the Republic of South Africa and Kenya for example). As I stated before in a previous essay, whenever the proportion of blacks in any population achieves a certain critical mass, decay, ruination, misery, poverty, destruction and death inevitably follow.

Now this has been glaringly obvious to me now since I was old enough to date girls - and that's a LONG time ago. The thing that never ceases to astonish me is why so many other (apparently intelligent) people simply refuse to see this picture the way it is. I refer of course to those lovable Liberal/Marxist/Internationalist lefties that ru(i)n things in the West. No matter how ghastly the behavior of blacks - wherever in the world they may be - these lefty-types simply REFUSE to acknowledge that they are culturally and intellectually inferior to all other races. This ethos, of course, is the essence of Communism; the misguided belief that everyone is created equal, and with equal opportunities in life, all can do equally well. It is of course, TOTAL BULLSHIT.

It's this poisonous dogma that the lefties spout that has gotten the world into the mess it is in today. They have put all sorts of muddle-headed beliefs into the thick skull of the Africoid, taken him out of Africa, told him he's as good as anyone else, and unleashed him on the streets of cities inhabited by decent, civilized, well-mannered people like you and me. Now how can that possibly be right?? Why do we suffer people who refuse to accept reality to govern our lives for us? There is simply NO WAY that Africans or those of African descent can compete on a level playing field with those of European origin. It's simply IMPOSSIBLE. And telling them they CAN only compounds the error. The empirical proof is there for everyone to see, yet the lefties absolutely will not abandon their failed Marxist dogma!

For irrefutable proof that the Negro is a contingent disaster you need only look at the countries where they constitute a large proportion of the population. In the case of Zimbabwe, practically all of it. Now look at the state it's in. 28 years ago, Zimbabwe, like South Africa, was a glittering, shining showpiece of success. It was a DREAM of a place to live in. Sensibly and prudently administered by a white gentleman named Ian Smith and his white government, the country was the envy of the continent. Living standards were sky-high; far better than many western countries, in fact. That is what white government delivered to Africa. In 1980, however, the blacks took over and it's been downhill ever since.
Now - and here's the crux of the matter - If Africans are handed a highly successful, up-and-running enterprise ON A PLATE, for free, and they STILL screw up, how the hell can anyone expect them to do any differently when starting from scratch in another country? The very idea is laughable.

The fact of the matter is that Africa and Africans are a hopeless, terminal case. They can NEVER be rescued, no matter how much 'positive discrimination' and financial assistance is heaped upon them. That much is obvious to ANYONE in touch with reality. Clearly the lefties that run this world are NOT in touch with reality and consequently cannot be allowed to continue in positions of power. When the Revolution comes - as it will - these bastards must be hung out to dry. THEY are responsible for the state of the West today. I don't actually blame the Africans; they should simply have been left alone in Africa. And they would have been, too, had it not been for the greed of the Jews. Yeah, count on THEM to be involved somewhere. How many of those slave ships that brought Africans to America were Jewish owned? Know the answer? ALL OF THEM. So if Mr. Obama wants reparations for the slave trade, HE KNOWS TO WHOM TO LOOK FOR THE MONEY.

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Anonymous said...

Some of this is redirect bullshit....everyone knows that slavery was started originally by the portuguese and helped by the spanish and other european nations, including the dutch, english, german, scottish, irish, french and others. The original sin is not just who committed it, but also who became apart of it's legacy. Slavery was the worst thing in history to happen to a group of people right along with the holocost. And let's guess the jews did this to themselves too huh?