Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shillary's Iran Nuke Threat

I believe it was Curtis Maynard (no less) who recently exposed the Clinton monsteress as an ethnic Jew, so it came as little surprise to Phaedrus when said Zionist shill stated she'd be prepared to risk World War III in defense of her ethnic and spiritual homeland by obliterating Iran in a massive nuclear strike. Yessir! Shillary sent out a clear message to the Zionist lobby that she's one of their own and that America's nuclear arsenal is at the Jews' disposal. If Iran launches a single nuke at Israel, the former will be wiped out in a massive American nuclear strike - for which you and me (who else?) will be picking up the bill.

But Shillary's position hasn't been terribly well thought-out (rather like her dumb-ass health care 'program'). She seems to have forgotten, or been simply unaware, that the Jews are masters of the false flag operation and that her proposal is an open invitation to execute yet another one. Israel desperately wants to see Iran destroyed on the off-chance that the Jews' bankrupt, illegal, pseudo-state might some day be attacked by it and Shillary, knowingly or not, has just provided the foreskinners with the green light for just such another atrocity.

So if the kike Clinton gets into the White House, we face another period of tension within which it is perfectly possible that Israel will simply detonate a couple of low-yield nukes on 'its' territory (on or around Arab settlements, of course) and good ol' Uncle Sam will incinerate the whole of Iran in a massive nuclear inferno, on the worthless assurances of Jews that the 'incoming missiles' were tracked as originating from the Islamic Republic. It's all too convenient. Shill's handed the Jewish vipers the opportunity on a plate. Knowing the history of the Tribe of Satan, it seems all too likely that its murderous, genocidal members will seize upon it, too.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, Hillary isn't a jew.