Friday, April 18, 2008

The Jack-Booted Thugs of Texas

This latest assault on individual and religious freedom has uncomfortable associations with the notorious Waco massacre for Phaedrus. Granted, the Texas law enforcement agents managed to avoid a full-on blood bath on this occasion, even though they did rudely burst-in unannounced and armed to the teeth. But the intervention in all other respects is regrettably no less disturbing. Can you envisage such an operation being ordered if it were a Jewish community as opposed to a Christian one?

It was originally stated by the authorities that the raid took place following a phone tip-off from a young girl called `Sarah´ – though said informant now appears not to exist - who claimed to be being abused at the 700 acre ranch at Eldorado. At any rate, this so-called tip-off triggered a mass invasion of cops and CPS workers which has resulted in 400 children being removed from their parents. Unless there is any truth that these children WERE genuinely at risk of harm at the ranch, this is a most despicable, heavy-handed and heartless course of action.

Since the original raid, journalists have been privileged to have been shown around the compound by some of the mothers of the removed children and it is immediately apparent that the kids were being raised in a clean, wholesome, environment where they were well-cared for and brought up according to good old fashioned standards of the kind long since frowned upon by salacious Jews and their cohorts in the Liberal media - in other words, free from the mind-poisoning influences of the gutter media in all its forms. There were no Televisions or magazines to instill false, destructive and debilitating values in the children of these extensive families.

Furthermore, the members of this branch of the Mormon church vehemently denied the existence of the original phone call which gave rise to the whole monstrous affair. They stated at the outset they had no knowledge of any such girl being abused and put the whole thing down to a malicious hoax. And indeed, this now appears to be the case. However, it is equally possible that the said call was never made at all and was simply an invention to warrant raiding the ranch to satisfy an unhealthy curiosity as to what the community was teaching its kids. In all probability, we may never know, as hoards of attorneys have raced to the scene to line their pockets and will doubtless muddy the waters still further.

Whatever the rights and wrongs (if any) that may eventually be uncovered, one thing is undeniable, however. There is NO PLACE WHATSOEVER for such communities under the plans for the New World Order. One of the key planks for the Program's advancement is that ALL children should be exposed, from a very young age, to the influence of the popular media so they will buy into the idea that all the things bloggers such as Phaedrus and others are warning about, are not to be feared, but rather embraced. As the Program rolls out across the Western world, the future for separatist communities that have turned their backs on modern living and want no part in its endemic, dysfunctional madness appears pretty bleak. And at the end of the day, THAT may be the REAL reason for raids such as this. I'll wager the abducted children have already been given generous access to all the comics, magazines and TV channels they can stomach. After all, until the matter is finally settled, they've got to be kept 'stimulated' somehow.


Greg Bacon said...

I watched part of an interview with the DA in charge of this case and twice he was asked about the alleged phone call from the girl and both times, he sidestepped the question.

Now that they've managed to steal the kid's from their parents, they'll next legalize the theft of the property to enrich some bastard who had designs on the well-kept ranch that should be worth quite a chunk of money.

Anonymous said...

It's the easiest thing in the world to claim an anonymous tipoff has been made. No proof is required as none can be provided. Its the perfect excuse to interpose the state between parents and their children- something the new world order has been working twoards for years.