Monday, June 16, 2008

Who wants to live in this NIGHTMARE world THEY are creating?

I'm an immutable Conservative. I dislike change and I dislike SUDDEN change intensely. It's unacceptable to me. And I'm entitled to my opinion, just like everyone else; whatever their political leanings. That's not to say that my mind is closed to new possibilities. If new ideas could bring about a safer, more civilized world in which our kids can grow up to become normal, healthy, well-balanced adults, then I'm keen to hear how it can be done. And maybe I'd ameliorate my views in the face of cogent argument for change, provided it's workable and well-intentioned.

Unfortunately, however, and virtually without exception, the only change being promoted by our so-called 'leaders' and their mouthpieces in the Jewish-controlled media, continues to lead down the path of our cultural and moral disintegration and our eventual ethnic genocide. No one I know in my personal circle of friends, nor anyone I meet in the course of my travels, feels any differently. The broad mass of people DO NOT want it! This country is supposed to be a democracy, where the Will of the majority prevails. This Will, on the part of decent, ordinary, hard-working people like you and me, is being systematically circumvented by alien interests as indeed it has been now for far too long.

It's a curious 'democracy' indeed where a group of people who constitute just 3% of the population get to call all the shots and invariably get THEIR way over the wishes of the vast majority, and to the latter's very great detriment. The needs and wishes of true Americans (and Europeans in Europe) are being totally ignored and on top of that our noses are being rubbed in the dirt for our trouble. This is nothing new. It's been going on like this for decades, but only since the advent of the Internet have we been able to compare our various, disparate experiences and draw the only possible conclusion: the forces behind those who govern us, and these 'governors' themselves have 'done a number on us' that in its scope, depth and extent simply defies belief.

A thoroughly scientific Agenda was drawn up to destroy us over 200 years ago, but it's only very recently that we've even become aware of its existence. A powerful cabal of Jewish intellectuals, bankers, media magnates and politicians contrived a set of aims that would deliver us into their hands as their eternal slaves. Aldous Huxley exposed it in the 1930s, but at that time it was thought far too far-fetched to be deserving of serious consideration. But the intervening years have proved beyond doubt that writers like Huxley (all of whom were dismissed as "Alarmist" or "paranoid" or "sensationalist" at the time were in fact 100% correct in their vision of the future in which we now, through our collective indolence, are unlucky enough to live.

We have only days ago witnessed how far this usurpation of our voices has gone. The People of Ireland were the only ones permitted a free vote as to whether the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty (in part Europe's equivalent of our Constitution) should or should not be enshrined into law. They alone had the chance to express their wishes, for it was believed by the Marxists and New World Order reptiles at the core of Europe's administrative agencies, that they were the most Euro-friendly of all the 27 member states (which comprise some 500m people in all) and would surely give their overlords the green light for further Federalization and centralization of power.

For the sake of comparison, an equivalent scenario in the US would entail the government wanting to make a few tweaks to the Constitution which would never survive a full plebiscite of all our people because these 'tweaks' have far-reaching consequences for our freedoms. Perhaps Bush might want to eliminate the first and second amendments, for example. So rather than circulating ballot papers to every state and carrying out a properly organized popular vote, they simply print up enough papers for just one state alone - a small one, perhaps, chosen for its historical loyalty to the incumbent Administration, so the tables are heavily weighted in favor of a "YES" thereby enabling the changes to be forced through.

Incredible as it seems, this is what happened in Europe. The voices of 500 million people were gagged and the vote given to less than 3 million. And this notwithstanding that the result would effect the ENTIRE Union of half a billion people. This is the kind of blatant gerrymandering that is the hallmark of the NWO. THEY must get THEIR way above every other interest group. The base populations of the member states are just a nuisance; an obstacle to the Global Elite achieving their One World aims. The audacity of these malingering parasites simply beggars belief. And yet, if Ireland hadn't stood up and said "NO!" last week, those very same forces, who control our lives here in the US too, would have been suitably emboldened to try the same stunt here at some time in the near future. YOU better believe they would! The Overlords of Europe are just as surely working against the interests of European people to line their own pockets as our own traitors on Capitol Hill.

Any differences between the two groupings are entirely illusory - they are complimentary faces of the same power base whose ultimate aim is world domination and the eternal slavery of mankind. There will eventually be nowhere to run to escape from the hell-hole of a planet that these entities are fashioning in their own image. We must continue to wake others up. To hell with causing offense to some minorities; this mission is WAY to important. We are being shunted into a world-wide dictatorship with the Jews finally achieving all the goals they ever dreamed of. And you, me and our few remaining freedoms will be finished for ever. As Huxley observed, "There is no reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever be overthrown." Today in the Western world, we are rushing headlong like lemmings toward that catastrophic rubicon. The remaining window of time in which to reverse this suicidal trend is vanishing fast. If we don't act with the utmost urgency NOW, then we're done for. We're dead.


kenny's sideshow said...

Thanks for another good perspective on our world Phaedrus.

I would like to ask a favor.
Could you please put together a page with all of the links to your "Huxley Warned Us" series of articles?

I started doing it myself but a search doesn't seem to come up with all of them unless I'm missing something.

If you have the time.

Anonymous said...

This view, which appears to be the true view in that it is the view which has been longest sustained in Jewish thought, is brought out also by Lord Eustace Percy, and re-published, apparently with approval, by the Canadian Jewish Chronicle. It will repay a careful reading:
"Liberalism and nationalism, with a flourish of trumpets, threw open the doors of
the ghetto and offered equal citizenship to the Jew. The Jew passed out into the
Western World, say the power and the glory of it, used it and enjoyed it, laid his
hand indeed upon the nerve centers of its civilization, guided, directed and
exploited it, and then -- refused the offer * * * Moreover -- and this is a
remarkable thing -- the Europe of nationalism and liberalism, of scientific
government and democratic equality is more intolerable to him than the old
oppressions and persecutions of despotism * * * In the increasing consolidation
of the western nations, it is no longer possible to reckon on complete toleration
* * *
"In a world of completely organized territorial sovereignties he (the Jew) has only
two possible cities of refuge: he must either pull down the pillars of the whole
national state system or he must create a territorial sovereignty of his own. In this
perhaps lies the explanation both of Jewish Bolshevism and of Zionism, for at this
moment Eastern Jewry seems to hover uncertainly between the two.
"In Eastern Europe Bolshevism and Zionism often seem to grow side by side, just
as Jewish influence molded Republican and Socialist thought throughout the
nineteenth century, down to the Young Turk revolution in Constantinople hardly
more than a decade ago -- not because the Jew cares for the positive side of radicalphilosophy, not because he desires to be a partaker in Gentile nationalism or
Gentile democracy, but because no existing Gentile system of government is ever
anything but distasteful to him."

Phaedrus: Exploring the Machinations of World Jewry... said...

No problem Kenny; done. (sorry it's in reverse order, but time's not with us today).

As to the view posted by anonymous, it's a very valid point, this permanent dissatisfaction with the world that the Jews exhibit. It is to be the subject of a forthcoming essay where it will be expanded upon at length.