Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Check out News from the West!

Those among us who still cling to decent moral values and are looking around the world about us with a mixture of horror, disgust and disbelief will doubtless find the answers to their many pertinent questions at this most excellent of alternative news sites. The URL can be found on this page under the 'links' section - and it's an absolute 'must click!'

If you've come to the view (as ever-increasing numbers of folks are) that there's something desperately wrong with the way the world works, and you're seeking a fresh perspective as to the causes and possible solutions, this is THE place to look; the ultimate 'one stop shop' covering the FULL spectrum of reportage we badly need to make properly informed decisions for ourselves and our families.

News from the West is always the first stop of Phaedrus' work day. The good ol' boys at NFTW scour the Web for the most revealing stories from the mainstream and alternative media, cut out all the crap, celebrity drivel and politically-correct BS to provide the reader with a clear, no nonsense guide to exactly what's going on and the forces that drive it.

Visitors will find a large range of opinion represented there, plus extensive research and thought-provoking articles by some of the foremost observers and essayists writing today. These are the people who (God-willing) will be shaping our world of tomorrow. NFTW is like a shot of triple expresso first thing in the morning. Check it out today and every day!

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