Friday, June 13, 2008

Don't just sit there passively reading - DO SOMETHING!

We know without a doubt that the number of active Jew-aware bloggers is vastly exceeded by the number of truth-seeking lurkers who quietly read and absorb their output. That's all well and good, but IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Consider yourself too unimaginative to contribute to the debate? That's no excuse. Haven't enough time? No excuse! Confused by the complexities of international politics? It doesn't matter. You CAN still do something invaluable in this vital cause. Even if you haven't a single original idea in your head, YOU can still help get the message out and warn others who're still as yet asleep.

Start your own website or blog. You don't have to write a single word yourself. Assemble the essays and articles of others and re-publish them on a regular basis. Mirror other folks' sites on your own in the same or another country. ENABLE the flow of information by propagating it further. It doesn't take a genius. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Remember the old saying: "no one did less than the person who thought that because he could only do little, he might as well do nothing." Please don't be one of those! The civilized world needs you.

In fact, even if you detest computers and can't get on with them, you can STILL make a difference. You talk to people, right? We all do. Maybe you go to bars, maybe your a member of some sports club or other collective group of common purpose? Well then your audience awaits! Remember to keep it simple and straightforward. Don't go flat out with all the truths about Judaism from the word go as it's just too sick for the average person to take on board and they'll come to the conclusion that it's YOU and people like you that are the problem! We don't want that. And if you sense antipathy on the part of your interlocutor, then don't press them. There are plenty of eager ears elsewhere that will prove more receptive.

Phaedrus' personal preference for spreading the word (outside of the internet sphere) is to talk to taxi drivers. They spend their entire days chatting idly to endless passengers, and in the course of a month, they interact with huge numbers of people from all walks of life. Convert a taxi driver to this new awareness and it's worth ten guys in your local bar, believe me. Suitably motivated cab drivers are immensely valuable to our cause and Phaedrus has personally 'awakened' dozens to what the world is all about - and who's REALLY pulling the strings. Try it for yourself if you possibly can. But whatever you do, DO SOMETHING!!

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