Friday, June 13, 2008

For a better world: reject ALL Jewish influences!


Whilst we bide away our few remaining years under the suffocating yoke of world Jewry, and until the blight of this eternal pestilence is finally lifted from our lives, there are still some very worthwhile steps we can take to ensure that the parasite's swan song is made as difficult as possible for it. How to best do this? Simply by roundly and flatly denouncing every poisonous influence this most virulent of pests promotes.

First we need to formulate a list of what the Jews tell us we should be embracing.
Here's one. It's not exhaustive, but for the purposes of illustration, it will suffice:

1. Multiculturalism (forcing disparate races to live alongside one other in conflict)

2. Homosexuality, bestiality and pedophilia (raping our children via the TV)

3. Internationalism (the notion that borders are "just lines on a map")

4. Free Trade (no protection for our own workers and manufacturers)

5 Globalization (compete with a peasant in China earning a bowl of rice a day!)

6. Racial-interbreeding (creating the next generation of fatherless criminals)

7. Unacceptable stereotyping (blacks are stupid/Jews are devious and greedy)

8. The rejection of Christianity (marginalization & eradication of our principal faith)

9. Celebrity hero-worship (become rich and famous by being utterly talentless)

10. Insatiable Consumerism (splash-out on credit like there's no tomorrow)

11. Israel is an important ally (an "Ally" like Israel is ALL the enemies we need)

12. Terrorists are almost always Muslims ("Jews don't commit atrocities")

13. Iran is a danger to world peace (Iran is only a 'danger' to Israel so who cares?)

14. The pursuit of business and the creation of wealth is the highest ideal

15. Contempt for fine/classical art (admire this aborted fetus instead!)

16. The debasement of the language (import monosyllabic grunts from the Negro)

There's a HECK of a lot of cultural damage in the above list, wouldn't you say? Yet this is precisely the diet of garbage that the Jew is feeding us and our children through his 96% ownership/control of the mainstream media. How can that be right? Who has permitted this situation to go on so long? After all, the Jews constitute less than 3% of America's population, so they must have many good friends in high places among the corruptible section of the gentile population.

If you are sick and tired of having your children raped, assaulted and affronted by what they are subjected to in the movies, the TV, teen magazines and the gutter press, don't remain silent about it! Speak out! Don't be cowed by political correctness (it's a Marxist concept and if you're not a Marxist you shouldn't espouse it or condone it, anyway). Get the message out there! Shout it from the rooftops! Evangelize!!

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