Friday, June 13, 2008

Ireland referendum gives NWO the finger!


Congratulations to Ireland on telling the EU’s Marxist bureaucrats where to get off.

Owing to the entirely Undemoctratic way the EU is run, the Irish were the only nation given a referendum on the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty into law. The other 26 countries were given no say, for it was feared by the powers that be that several of them would reject it. Under EU law, ALL countries must consent or the Treaty is thrown out – one single veto kills it. The Irish people were given a say only because it was expected that they would – as heavily pro-Europe – overwhelmingly vote YES.

But they haven’t! Thankfully, they weren’t conned by the lies of their leaders. So what will the One-Worlders in Brussels do now? The rules are clear that the Treaty must be thrown out, but don’t bet on it. The next 6 months will be a most revealing test of the true nature of Europe and exactly how democratic it really is. Phaedrus suspects the Jews and their cronies will figure out some way around this crippling result and that the Will of the Few will prevail over the Will of the many.

So now we shall see how the NWO reacts to this vote. My guess is that they’ll seek to play its effect down and push ahead for the Treaty to be passed on January 1st next year regardless of the wishes of Europe’s citizens. Then their true totalitarian agenda will be exposed for even the simplest-minded observer to see.


dizzyfatplonka said...

Spot on!
Both Sarkozy and Milliband have been the first to put themselves in the frame, urging we press on regardless.

Anonymous said...

Well, they're both Jews, so it comes as no surprise. Incidentally, I read on one of the British on-line broadsheets that the Jew Miliband is being groomed to take over as Labor's next leader and eventual prime minister. You just can't keep these Jews down, it seems.